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I have been ordering from you now for some time and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that you guys are truly the best Online Pharmacy in the world. Thanks for being in my life.

Privacy policy

    Lifestyle Pharmacy respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it all times. The information provided on our website will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy.

    We collect personally identifiable information from visitors who are interested in receiving the medications or services we offer.

    We also collect additional information from authorized users, such as shipping and billing addresses, financial information and other related necessary information to process your requests. We understand that privacy of information you provide is of primary importance. We don’t share, sell or transfer your information with other companies or third party service providers.

    Your personal information, bank details and transaction details will only be used to provide you services by fulfilling transactions.

    Lifestyle Pharmacy strives to preserve your medical and personal information privacy. All information we gathered is legally protected under doctor-patient privilege laws.

    Latest Secured Encryption Technologies are used for online delivery. After processing, sensitive details are encrypted and saved on our offline servers and thus cannot be accessed from the internet.

    Credit card information is submitted by using highest levels of technical security with precautions. System also safeguards if any credit card fraud is noticed. Individuals attempting to fraudulent use credit cards will be reported immediately.

    Advanced security measures are used to make our website save and easily accessible for our customers’ ease.

Very Good Product.
All product of lifestyle
Date published: 04/14/2015