Friday , June 18 2021

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The US pharmaceutical industry does not want to have competition from any other part of the world when it comes to getting prescription medications. The prices they are able to charge and the high profits they are able to make are just too good. They have launched an all out attack on Canada, which provides cheaper medications to Americans who need them. The goal seems to be to scare Americans away from using them. They figure if they threaten all sorts of penalties on Americans who get caught going using a Canadian pharmacy, that people will be too scared to use them.

The reason the US pharmaceutical industry does not like Canadian pharmacies

Think about the US pharmaceutical industry the same way you would any monopoly. They control everything. Americans do not have any options in this case. So they can charge whatever prices they want to charge and get away with it. If you want the prescription medications you need, then you have to go through what is offered in the US. So when they see that people are using a Canadian pharmacy to get what they need this bothers them. Canada has done a good job at getting a nice chunk of what use to be mainly US dominated market share.

What is driving so many US customers to go with a Canadian pharmacy?

The fact of the matter is when you use a Canadian pharmacy you are getting much cheaper prices. In some cases some Americans would not be able to get what they needed at all if they were not able to get these cheaper prices. But the US pharmaceutical industry does not seem to care if people get what they need in order to help whatever problem they have. Their only goal is to make sure Americans keep paying as much money as possible for these drugs so that their profit margins can be high.

How the US pharmaceutical industry is attacking people who use a Canadian pharmacy

The US pharmaceutical industry knows there is very little they can do in order to attack its neighbors to the north. So what they do instead is try to use scare tactics for anyone in America who tries to use them. Sometimes this works, but sometimes it does not. Think about it, if you are in pain or have a condition that makes it tough for you to function, but the drugs you need are way too expensive for you to afford wouldn’t you be willing to look at other options to get the help you need? A lot of Americans are.

The legality of getting drugs from a Canadian pharmacy

The scare tactics used by the US pharmaceutical industry to deter people from going with the Canadian option is to threaten them with jail if caught. Yes, it is illegal to import prescription medications from Canada. However, you can get drugs for about three months of personal use. So a lot of the scare tactics are not working. Plus, some people whose very lives depend on getting what they need might be willing to take the risk.

The harsh reality about the prescription medication industry

You might think that a lot of the drugs you get from a Canadian pharmacy are going to be of lesser quality, because they are so much cheaper right? Understand that these drugs are not generics. They are the real thing, the brand name version. The reason why the quality of medication you can get from a Canadian pharmacy is so good is because the drugs come from the same place.

That is right, the same prescription medications you can buy in America come from the same manufacturing plants that Canada gets there supply from. In fact Canada get a lot of the raw materials they use from the US. So in this case you can actually be re-importing American drugs and not even realize it.

There is one negative about Americans using a Canadian pharmacy to get what they need though. If the trend continues then the retail prices of prescription medications will begin to get higher. In fact, it is already starting to take place. Down the line Americans might find that there will not be much of a price difference. In the meantime though, using a Canadian pharmacy is the way to go if you want to save money.