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Generic Name: aripiprazole (AR i PIP ra zole)


Brand Names: Abilify, Abilify Discmelt


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Abilify is a medication used to treat a number of mental disorders. When used alongside a number of other medications, it is useful in treating depression as well. The drug is also known as Aripiprazole in the medical field.


How it works


Abilify is an atypical antipsychotic drug. The medication works by restoring the chemical imbalance in the brain. The drug specifically affects the imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain.




Abilify is useful in treating a wide range of mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome and irritability associated with mood disorders. Also, when combined with other antidepressants, this drug is useful in treating depression too.



Ability is consumed once a day on a daily basis. It is taken by mouth, with or without food. The dosage will be determined by a physician and will depend on a number of factors such as your medical condition, age, response to the treatment and other drugs that you might be taking.


Before you consume this medication, inform your physician about all the medications that you are currently taking. This includes prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs and herbal supplements. Your physician might prescribe you a low dosage in order to reduce your vulnerability towards potential side effects. So, do not increase the dosage without consulting your healthcare provider.


If you are consuming this medication in liquid form, make sure to use a medical spoon to measure the dosage. Using a household spoon can lead to the wrong dosage. You must not consume this medication for longer than prescribed.


Do not stop the treatment abruptly. If you stop taking Abilify all of a sudden, your condition can become worse. Therefore, make sure to inform your physician if you are planning to discontinue the treatment. Your healthcare provider will provide you safe instructions to follow.


Side effects


The following are some unpleasant side effects which you may or may not experience during the course of the treatment.


Weight gain
Excess saliva
Trouble sleeping


These side effects usually disappear within a day or two. However, you might also experience some effects that may persist for long. These include:


Mood changes
Signs of infection
Trouble swallowing


This medication can also increase your blood sugar levels, which will cause or worsen diabetes. If you experience any discomfort while consuming this medication, you must inform your doctor.




Make sure to follow the precautions listed below throughout the treatment period to ensure your own safety.


Inform your healthcare provider if you are allergic to Abilify.
Brief your physician about your medical history.
This drug can cause blurred vision and drowsiness. So, do not operate machinery or drive after taking your dose.
This medication can make you sweat less and thereby will increase your vulnerability towards heat strokes. Therefore, avoid exercising outdoors or getting into hot tubs.




If you are planning to use this medication when you get pregnant, make sure to consume it only when it is absolutely necessary.


It is not safe to nurse your infant during the treatment period. Therefore, do not breastfeed your baby while consuming Abilify.


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