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Brand Names: Aciclovir


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Aciclovir falls under the classification of medications that are considered to be antiviral drugs. It contains acyclovir. It can be taken in quantities that range from 200mg, 400mg, 500mg, 800mg, to 1000mg.


How It Works


Acyclovir is the primary weapon against the expansion of a viral infection. Acyclovir is particularly potent within the viral cells that have infected the body. Once inside, the acyclovir works to overcome the function of the DNA polymerase enzyme. As this enzyme is responsible for the duplication of the viral cells, it plays an important role. When it is no longer able to function, the viral cells are unable to continue distribution throughout the system. After the proliferation tactics are disabled, the natural defenses of the body take over.




Some of the more commonly experienced viral conditions are due to the herpes virus. Aciclovir is used to diminish the effect of the herpes virus and by doing so, help with shingles, chickenpox, genital herpes, and cold sores.



The quantity of Acivlovir that is administered to patients fluctuates according to the diagnosis that they receive. Prior to being given Aciclovir, a physician will have to come to a conclusion about your ailment. Only then, will the right amount be able to be determined. You should not change the amounts of Aciclovir that you are taking unless your medical practitioner has instructed you to do so. Similarly, you should not discontinue the consumption of Aciclovir without medical approval.


For chickenpox:


Children who are lighter than 40kg or between the age of 2 and twelve can take 20mg per kilo of body weight. This dose should be taken four times a day, for five days.


Those who are more than 40kg or who are adults can consume 800mg of Aciclovir four times a day. The duration should be for a period of five days.


For Herpes Simplex:


Children under the age of eleven will receive a quantity that is based on their body weight. For every kilo, they shall consume between 10mg and 20mg of Aciclovir. This will be taken four to five times a day, depending on the prescribed amount. The typical period for treatment is 5 days.


Adults can be aided by consuming 200mg of Aciclovir every four hours. This shall be sustained for ten days.


For Herpes Zoster:


Children older than 12 will be required to take 800mg, every four hours for between 5 to 10 days.


Adults are required to take 800mg, five times a day for a week or up to 10 days.


Side Effects


Some of these issues may manifest during treatment with Aciclovir:


Overall feeling of being ill
Loose bowel movements
Unusual or painful feeling around the body
Abdominal discomfort


You may want to get the advice of a medical specialist if any of these issues become quite severe.




Do not accept Aciclovir if you are aware of a sensitivity to one or more of its components.


Speak to a medical specialist if your immune system is malfunctioning or if you have HIV.


Adhere to the timetable that has been created for you by your doctor. Do not stop taking Aciclovir simply because you are feeling better.




Inform the relevant medical parties if you are pregnant or are nursing an infant, prior to taking Aciclovir.


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