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Acivir Pills

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Acivir pills act as a form of treatment against specific viral diseases. The main ingredient in Acivir pills is acyclovir. The Acivir pills can be taken as 400mg or 800mg doses.


How It Works


Acyclovir is termed as being an antiviral agent. This means that it helps to fight against viral cells that have invaded the body. Acyclovir works by going inside these offending cells and focusing on a particular enzyme. This is the DNA polymerase enzyme that is mainly meant to help the cells to divide and disperse throughout the body. Acyclovir restricts the natural function of the DNA polymerase. This leaves the virus unable to continue proliferating. With only a lesser number of harmful cells to deal with, the body’s immune system is more capable of overcoming the illness.




Acivir pills are given to individuals to overcome some of the problems that may be a result of the herpes virus. Acivir pills can help to incapacitate cold sores caused by herpes simplex, shingles caused by herpes zoster, and chickenpox.




Acivir pills should only be consumed under the guidance of a medical professional. One of the reasons is that the required dose of Acivir pills is established according to the medical condition that is being presented. Therefore, you may be compelled to consume varying amounts, depending on your particular ailment. You should also not skip any of the doses of Acivir pills. This could affect how long it takes for you to recover.


For 400mg:


Depending on the instructions you have received from a specialist, you may be expected to take between two to five tablets of Acivir a day. You will have to do so for between 5 to 10 days.


For 800mg:


Based on the observations that your doctor has made, you will need to take about two to five Acivir pills each day. This will need to be continued for about five to ten days.


Side Effects


While Acivir is meant to help with viral infections, you may have to contend with some additional physical exhibitions as well. These are:


Difficulties with digestion
Feelings of nausea


For any of these issues, it is vital that you get immediate medical attention:


Speaking difficulties
Presence of bruising
Finding it difficult to swallow or breathe
Sudden changes to vision




Do not take Acivir pills if you are concerned about an allergic response.


You should disclose any medical conditions or issues that you may be aware of or have been diagnosed with.


To avoid increased risk of adverse reactions or harmful combinations, tell your medical practitioner about any all medications that you are taking. This includes over the counter drugs, recreational drugs, and herbal supplements.


It is important to note that using Acivir pills will not prevent the spread of the herpes virus to another individual, such as a sexual partner.




If you are hoping to conceive a child or have already done so, this is something you should inform a clinician of.


You should also ask about the safety of nursing a child while taking Acivir pills.


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