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Generic Name: permethrin topical (per METH rin)


Brand Name: Acticin, Elimite, Lice Bedding Spray, Nix Lice Control, RID Home Lice Control Spray for Surfaces


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Acticin (permethrin) Cream 5% is a scabicidal agent that is used topically. It is used to treat scabies conditions.


How It Works


Tiny insects known as mites are the primary cause of scabies. They make your skin infest and irritate which leads to excessive itching. Some of the major areas that these insects thrive are finger/toe webs, wrists, elbows and armpits. They might also infect areas like belt line, lower buttocks, female nipples and male genitals too. As soon as the medication is applied it will start to paralyze and kill the mites and their eggs as well. If you start to develop an itch even after the treatment, you might have to ask your doctor for some other form of medication to relieve you of it. This itching can be caused when the remains of the dead mites remain on your skin.




Once it is prescribed by your doctor, Acticin should be quickly used but make sure to only apply it on your skin. Usually one application will be enough to cure the scabies condition.




Thoroughly massage the prescribed dosage of the cream into the skin when applying. The area of usage is generally from the head to the soles of the feet. It can be used under the finger nails and in skin folds (example: between the toes) as well.


Acticin should be removed with water (by taking a shower or bath) after 8 to 14 hours of use. For infants it can be gently applied to the scalp, temple and forehead areas. Rarely the scalp of an adult might get infested too and if that happens, 30 grams of the cream should be sufficient.


If the cream accidently gets in your eyes, nose or mouth, flush it with plenty of water. But if the irritation continues it would be best to take proper medical advice.

Side Effects


Seek immediate medical attention if the following symptoms occur after applying Acticin.


Swelling (especially the tongue/throat/face), Itching or any rashes. [All these are allergic reactions that can arise due to the medicine] Dizziness, Difficulties in breathing


Other less severe side effects may include:


Mild burning, stinging or redness
Itching or mild skin rash
Numbness or tingling where the cream is applied.


All the possible side effects are not listed in here. In case these or any other effects persist, quickly consult your medical practitioner.




If you are allergic to permethrin or if you have a medical history that include the likes of skin infections or asthma, a pharmacist or doctor should be informed before using it.


The cream might also interact with any current medications that you are using. So it would be best to seek advice from your health care provider to decide if those medications should be, temporarily stopped or the doses should be changed.


Make sure not to overdose and to stick to the prescribed amount of the medication. If Acticin causes the irritation to worsen or more scratching of skin/scalp, get immediate medical attention as it might lead to a bacterial infection.




Get advice from your doctor before using the medication, if you are pregnant.


It is untested, whether this drug passes to an infant through breast milk or not. So it would be best to take the consultation of your doctor before nursing an infant.


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