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Generic Name: amphetamine and dextroamphetamine (am FET a meen and DEX troe am FET a meen)


Brand Names: Adderall, Adderall XR


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Adderall is a stimulant that contains both amphetamine as well as dextroamphetamine as its primary ingredients. Adderall may be taken in quantities amounting to either 5mg, 7.5mg, 10mg, 20mg, or 30mg.


How It Works


Neurotransmitters in the brain are responsible for transmitting messages from one neuron to another by way of receptors. Dopamine and norepinephrine are two neurotransmitters that play a large role in concentration and attention. In most instances, once the messages have been relayed, the neurotransmitters are reabsorbed. In some cases, however, this reabsorption takes place too early, meaning that the relevant messages are not transmitted properly. Stimulants such as those found in Adderall help to minimize this effect. Stimulants, particularly those affecting the central nervous system can have one of two results. They can either cause more neurotransmitters to be released or inhibit the reabsorption. Either way, there is a greater amount of neurotransmitters available in the brain.




Adderall is given to individuals who exhibit symptoms associated with ADHD. It can also be given to individuals suffering from narcolepsy.




Adderall should not be provided to either children or adults unless a doctor has deemed it an appropriate form of treatment. If it is proven that Adderall will produce the desired results, it is vital that the patients take only the relevant amount. If you feel as though you are not experiencing the required outcome, you should not make any changes to your dosage. Any alterations must first be discussed and approved by a specialist.


For children between the age of 3 and 5, you should give about 2.5mg a day.


For those above the age of 6, the starting dose will be 5mg. This may be increased to acquire the relevant solution. If the amount is intensified, there could be a greater number of divided doses. Typically, there is about four to six hours between each dose.


Usually, however, Adderall is given at the lowest possible dose.


Side Effects


Certain individuals have reported that they have undergone other experiences in addition to the ones that are expected when taking Adderall. You may notice some of these complications:


Increased nervousness
A decrease in physical strength
Decrease in weight
Presence of pain in the stomach
Dryness of mouth
Difficulty with bowel movements
A decrease in sexual interest and performance
Difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection
A sense of euphoria
Inability to control movements of the lips, tongue, face, or limbs


If you feel as though these issues are compromising your safety, health, or quality of life, you should speak to a clinician.




Adderall should be avoid with individuals who may have one or more of the following challenges:


Elevated sensitivity to Adderall or similar stimulants
Increased blood pressure
Diseases of the heart or related arteries
Elevated emotions such as anxiety or agitation
Intense functioning of the thyroid gland
Prior addiction to alcohol, drugs, or similar substances


Some of the medical problems that you should raise with a clinician are:


Indications of mental health disorders
An unusual EEG
Seizures or conditions resulting in seizures
Problems with blood circulation
Propensity for tics or Tourette’s Syndrome




Adderall has not been deemed to be safe for use among pregnant women or nursing mothers. Speak to a specialist if these are relevant to you.


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