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Generic Name: loratadine (lor AT a deen)


Brand Name: Alavert, Claritin, Claritin Reditab, Clear-Atadine, Dimetapp ND, ohm Allergy Relief, QlearQuil All Day & Night, Tavist ND, Wal-itin


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Alavert is largely composed of loratadine. In Alavert, it can be found in quantities of 5mg and 10mg. This component is an antihistamine.


How It Works


Typically, the immune system is only activated against harmful bodies. In certain instances, however, it is targeted to react to certain entities known as allergens. Although these may not be dangerous, the body perceives them to be as such. When this activation takes place, a substance known as histamine is released. This prompts certain reactions such as an irritated throat, discharge from the nasal cavities, watery eyes, and numerous other discomforts. To offset this, Alavert is introduced to the system. This prevents histamines from having the desired outcome.




Alavert can be given to individuals who are experiencing hypersensitivity in the form of upper respiratory indicators. Alavert cannot be used to overcome other types of reactions such as anaphylaxis shock.




It is important to discern whether or not Alavert can be used to overcome the issues that you may be experiencing. To ensure the relevant result is achieved, you should consult a medical professional. After the examination of your condition, they will be able to determine the correct amount of Alavert for you to take. To minimize the risk of exhibiting contradictory indicators, you should not change the quantity that has been approved for you.


For adults, it has been determined that 10mg of Alavert taken once a day will prove to have the greatest impact.


For children, it is estimated that about 5mg taken once a day is best. Children may be given the syrup, tablets, capsules, or disintegrating tablets. The quantity remains the same regardless of the form of Alavert.


Side Effects


There is a possibility of certain negative reactions to present themselves alongside the curative properties of Alavert. Some of these could be:


Greater need to sleep
Dry mouth
Symptoms similar to that of the flu
Presence of skin irritation
Irritation of the throat
Breathing issues


If one or more of these issues present themselves after consuming Alavert, it is best to speak with a healthcare specialist.



Alavert should be kept away from individuals who have a sensitivity to either desloratadine or loratadine.


Unless you have been instructed by a healthcare expert, Alavert should not be given to children who are under 6 years of age.


Individuals with the following ailments should require about the safety of taking Alavert:


Breathing difficulties or relevant medical conditions
Liver problems
Kidney disease


Tell a clinician if you are taking any supplements, medications, or any other treatments. There is a probability that one or more of these substances could interact with Alavert negatively. This could either result in adverse conditions or could reduce the potency of either of the medications.




It has not been determined whether Alavert could have any impact on a fetus. It is still important to talk about any problems that could arise from taking Alavert while being pregnant.


You should also talk about whether or not Alavert is safe to take while nursing.


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