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Generic Name: spironolactone (spir ON oh LAK tone)


Brand Names: Aldactone


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Aldactone is a brand name for spironolactone, a diuretic that treats high blood pressure and high levels of aldosterone hormone.


How It Works


Aldactone is considered as a potassium-sparing diuretic. Diuretics, commonly referred to as water pills, cause urination to remove excessive body fluids. Most diuretics cause the body to lose salt and potassium levels rapidly along with water levels, leading to a condition known as hypokalemia. Aldactone, unlike common other loop diuretics, can block sodium channels so the body does not lose salt levels.




Aldactone is mostly prescribed to cure high blood pressure. Most hypertension medications cause low potassium levels as a side effect. Aldactone can lower blood pressure without this risk. Aldactone can also relieve a condition known as edema where parts of the body retain excess fluids and swell. Aldactone is often given to patients who suffer from congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and cirrhosis of the liver. Aldactone may be part of a combination drug therapy to treat these conditions.




Your doctor will prescribe you the dosage of Aldactone most appropriate for your condition.


You must take Aldactone exactly as recommended by your doctor.


Swallow Aldactone pills according to schedule. This medication may cause an upset stomach in some individuals. If that’s the case, take Aldactone pills with milk or some food.


Aldactone, as a diuretic, will make you want to urinate more than usual. If you take this drug close to bedtime, you will have to get up late to go to the bathroom. It may also cause bedwetting.


Therefore, it’s recommended to follow this medication during daytime before 6 p.m. Avoid taking Aldactone within 4 to 5 hours of bedtime.


You may not feel different when using this medication if you take it to treat high blood pressure. However, it’s important to continue the treatment schedule until your doctor tells you to stop.


Side Effects


Aldactone may cause any of the following side effects:


Stomach upset
Impotence or difficulty having an orgasm
Irregular hair growth
Irregular menstrual periods


Inform your doctor immediately if the side effects worsen or persist.




Do not take Aldactone if you are opposed or allergic to any of the ingredients listed in the packaging.


Do not take Aldactone if you have a history of liver issues, kidney complications, untreated mineral disproportion (such as low sodium, high potassium), and decreased adrenal gland function (Addison’s disease).


Ask your doctor if Aldactone is safe to take when pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breastfeeding.




Aldactone will cause you to urinate more and lost more body fluid than usual. Therefore, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated throughout the treatment period.


Take appropriate safety measures when driving or engaging in similar activities if Aldactone causes side effects such as dizziness, lightheadedness or drowsiness.


You may be asked to monitor your blood pressure levels when undergoing Aldactone treatment. Ask your doctor how to do this properly.


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