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Generic Name: fexofenadine (FEX oh FEN a deen)


Brand Names: Allegra, Allegra ODT


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Allegra is a medication that works as an antihistamine. It can be taken in amounts equivalent to 180mg or less. The main component in Allegra is Fexofenadine HCl.


How It Works


Histamines are agents of the immune system in the body. Their function is to bind to the responding receptors in particular cells. Histamines are activated when harmful, foreign agents invade the body. The presence of such invading entities causes the histamine to be released and attach to the necessary receptors. This, in turn, results in an increased flow of blood to that particular region. In certain cases, however, the body may erroneously identify certain non-threatening bodies as harmful agents as well. This results in the release of the histamines, causing unpleasant reactions. Allegra works by preventing the histamines from binding to the receptors, thereby, preventing the resulting reaction.




Allegra can be utilized to overcome several issues. This includes seasonal allergies as well as problems associated with chronic idiopathic urticarial. It can be given to both children as well as adults.




Prior to taking Allegra, you should first get a medical examination by a clinician. It should be a medical specialist who informs you of the specific dosage of Allegra that you should take. After receiving the necessary directions, it is imperative that you adhere to them strictly. Even if you feel as though that particular amount of Allegra is not functioning properly, you should not increase or decrease the quantity. Any changes to your measurement or schedule should be made by a clinician.


For children who are between the ages of 6 and 11, the amount typically given is 30mg. This is given twice a day.


For those who are above the age of twelve, this can be increased to about 60mg, taken two times. The alternative amount is 180mg, taken just once during the day.


Side Effects


Taking Allegra will typically result in largely positive results. Nevertheless, there may be the presence of certain unpleasant manifestations as well. These could include:


Regurgitation of food
Aches all over the body
Experiencing difficulty with movement
Loose bowel movements
Congestion or pain in the ear


If any of these medical issues persist, you should get another checkup by a medical specialist.




Allegra should only be taken with water. Do not consume it with any fruit juices.


Do not use Allegra if you are sensitive to any of its components.


Unless a clinician has advised you to, do not take Allegra with other medications that are used to treat colds.


Tell your medical specialist about any other prescription, over the counter, or recreational drugs that you may be consuming. This also includes any supplements or vitamins that you are currently taking.


Inform your clinician if you have ever been diagnosed with kidney problems.


There is no information regarding how Allegra may affect fetus or children who are being breastfed. Therefore, it is imperative that you first ask a clinician before taking it in these instances.




Antacids could reduce the effectiveness of Allegra. You may find that your body will less readily absorb Allegra if you are taking antacids on a regular basis.


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