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Generic Name: orlistat (OR li stat)


Brand Names: alli, Xenical


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Alli, generally known as Orlistat can be used to lose weight, when used with a medical practitioner approved exercise; calorie reduces diet programs and behavioral change advice.


How It Works


Usually before dietary fats can be absorbed to the body, they need to be broken down into smaller pieces with the help of enzymes. Orlistat blocks these enzymes from breaking down the diet fats in your body. Then through your bowel movement the undigested fat will pass out of your body. However since it does not block the calorie absorption of sugar and other non-fat food, it is important that you restrict your total calorie intake as well.



People who are obese or who have certain weight related medical issues face severe health risks like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and even a shorter life span. Alli will aid them to avoid these risks and regain their health by losing weight and keeping from gaining back the lost weight too.



Use Orlistat within one hour after a meal that contains fat, usually 3 times a day. It can be taken by mouth with a liquid as directed by your doctor. You can skip a dose if a meal is missed or if your meal does not have any fat containing food.


Make sure the calories that you consume from you diet is only around 30% and comes from fat in order to avoid certain side effects. The fat, protein and carbohydrates consumption should be spread over the 3 main meals evenly too. This medication might interfere with certain vitamins (like A, D, E, K, which are fat-soluble) being absorbed to your body. So you should take a multi-vitamin supplements that contain these nutrients, at least 2 hours before or after taking Alli.


Do not overdose this medicine or use this medicine for longer than the prescribed duration. And also if some weight loss is not visible within 2 weeks of starting to use it, your medical advisor will need to be informed about the situation.


Side Effects


Even though serious side effects are rare when using this medication, you need to stop the usage and contact your medical practitioner immediately if the following symptoms occur.


Serious allergic reactions (such as itching, dizziness, rash, etc.)
Severe abdominal/stomach pain
Eyes/skin yellowing
Dark urine


The following minor side effects may also occur.


Oily/fatty stool
Oily spotting
Intestinal gas with discharge
Feeling a need to have bowel movement right away
Poor control in bowel movement


If these or any other side effects not mentioned in the above list linger or worsen, take the necessary medical advice from your pharmacist or doctor.



If your medical history involves digestive problems, gall bladder problems, kidney stone problems, seizures, underactive thyroid or certain eating disorders your physicist should be informed before using Orlistat.


He or she should know of any allergies that you might have for the drug’s ingredients or any other substances as well. Your doctor or dentist should know of any prescription/non-prescription drugs that you are using, if you are planning to have surgery.


The weight loss might result in improving your blood sugar control as well so it is advised to check your blood pressure levels when using this medicine.



Make sure to consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breast-feeding as Alli might be harmful to an unborn baby. As it is untested in this area, there a likelihood that the drug may pass onto a breastfeeding baby.


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