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Generic Name: ramipril (RAM i pril)


Brand Names: Altace


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Altace is a trade name for ramipril, a drug prescribed to treat high blood pressure.


How It Works


Ramipril, which is the active ingredient in Altace, belongs to a group of drugs known as ACE inhibitors. Altace can inhibit the work of the angiotensin-converting enzymes in the body, which narrows blood vessels to maintain pressure. When these enzymes are blocked, the muscles in blood vessels relax relieving the pressure inside.




Altace is mainly prescribed to alleviate high blood pressure (hypertension) and to reduce the risk of congestive heart failure. Altace is not a cure for either of these conditions. By relieving blood pressure, Altace can manage these conditions and reduce the risk of death. Those who are prescribed Altace will have to follow an exercise and diet plan to get better.




Dosage of Altace will vary from patient to patient. Your doctor will prescribe you the dosage most suitable for your medical condition and medical history.


Take Altace exactly as your doctor prescribed. Do not change the dose without explicit instructions from your doctor.


Take Altace regularly and consistently to benefit from the medication. People with high blood pressure often feel “normal.” Even if you don’t feel any different, it’s important to take the doses as the doctor has instructed.


You must swallow Altace tablets whole without breaking, crushing or splitting the pills. Altace tablets can be taken with or without food. Drink a glass of water if necessary to make swallowing easier.


Altace can be sprinkled into 4 ounces (or half a cup) of water, applesauce or apple juice if needed to make swallowing less unpleasant. Do not chew the content of the capsules. The mixture can be stored in room temperature up to 24 hours, or in a refrigerator up to 48 hours.


Side Effects


Altace may cause one or more of the following side effects:


Weakness or tired feeling


The above side effects should disappear within a matter of days. Call your doctor if side effects become progressively worse or continue to persist without going away.




Do not take Altace tablets or capsules if you suspect you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the drug.


Altace is not safe for pregnant women. Do not use Altace if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant soon.


Diabetes patients should be aware that Altace should not be taken with diabetic medications containing aliskiren (examples include Valturna,Tekamlo, Tekturna, and Amturnide).


Ask your doctor if Altace is safe to take given your medical history. This drug may not be safe for patients with a history of liver disease, kidney disease, and hypotension among other conditions.


Do not take salt substitutes or potassium supplements when taking Altace unless your doctor has instructed you to.




Take Altace the same time each day to avoid missing a dose.


If Altace causes side effects like dizziness, avoid using heavy machinery or driving that could put your life at risk.


Altace may cause vomiting and diarrhea. Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated if you experience these side effects.


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