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Generic Name: meclizine (MEK li zeen)


Brand Names: Antivert, Bonine, D-Vert, Dramamine


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Antivert is one of the brands for the meclizine drug, which is an antihistamine. Each oval-shaped tablet are dual-colored; depending on the strength, it can either be blue and white, yellow and white, or blue and yellow.

How It Works


When your body produces histamine, you may experience symptoms related to motion sickness. Antivert works by lessening the effects of naturally occurring chemical histamine produced by your body, and thereby blocking or lessening the severity of these symptoms.




Antivert is generally used to prevent and provide relief from nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, which are normally caused by motion sickness. This medication is especially effective if you are able to take it before the symptoms occur. Antivert can also be used to treat symptoms related to vertigo, which is quite similar to motion sickness, like dizziness and spinning sensation.




If you are taking Antivert to relieve motion sickness symptoms, then you should take it one hour before travelling. If required, you may take the tablet every 24 hours. Please double check with your doctor.


In the event that you require this medication for dizziness caused by vertigo or an ear-related condition, the dosage may be different. Consult your doctor for the dosage instruction, and refer to the prescription label. If you are unsure of any part, always refer to your doctor or pharmacist for more information. It is vital that you take Antivert exactly as directed.


Should you miss a dose, take it immediately upon remembering; of course, if you only remember the missed dose close to the next one, then skip it altogether. Simply continue with the scheduled medication; never double dose.


To store Antivert correctly, always ensure that the medication is kept in the same container it came in, tightly and in room temperature. Keep out of reach of children as this medication may be harmful for those under twelve years of age.


Side Effects


Taking Antivert is not without side effects. If you are experiencing drowsiness or fatigue, or dry mouth, on a serious or continuous basis, kindly contact a doctor. Immediate medical attention would be required if you start suffering from blurred vision.




Once you been prescribed Antivert, kindly take the following precautions. Let your doctor or pharmacist know:


If you are allergic to meclizine or to any other medications,
Your current medications, whether prescribed or obtained over the counter, especially if you are taking amobarbital or phenobarbital, any medications for colds or allergies, painkillers, seizure medications, sleeping pills or tranquilizers, and even vitamins. Taking these drugs while on Antivert may increase drowsiness
If you have a history of glaucoma, enlarged prostate, blockage of the urinary tract, or asthma tendencies.
If you may be in any stage of reproduction, or whether you are currently breastfeeding. In the event that you become pregnant while on Antivert, consult your doctor immediately.




While on Antivert, try to keep a record of all your doctor appointments as well as a written list of ALL your medications for reference and emergency purposes. In the event that a family or friend are experiencing the same symptoms as you are, never let that person that this medication as his condition may vary. Always get a medical opinion before recommending this medication to others.


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