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Generic Name: azelastine nasal (a ZEL uh steen)


Brand Names: Astelin, Astepro


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Astelin is a nasal spray that acts as an antihistamine. The main compound in Astelin is azelastine hydrochloride. Each spray contains 137 micrograms of the primary component.


How It Works


Astelin contains an antihistamine. This substance is used to override the effects of a compound found within the body which is known as histamine. Histamine is what is released when the body detects a threat. As a vital part of the immune response, histamine is activated to connect to histamine receptors on the associated body cells. One of the results of such a process is inflammation, sneezing, and other uncomfortable effects. The antihistamine in Asteline plays a role in averting the histamine from binding to the receptors.




Astelin is primarily utilized to negate the indications of allergic reactions. In particular, it works to prevent the symptoms presented in the nasal cavity.




In order to use Astelin as carefully and proficiently as possible, it is best to seek the care of a medical expert. Depending on the manifestation of the indicators, a healthcare specialist will be able to establish the best possible treatment strategy. It is imperative that you follow any and all directions that you have received from a medical professional. You should especially avoid using Astelin in amounts that are considered to be higher or lower than what your healthcare specialist has deemed appropriate. Do not make any modifications to your dose or program without receiving the necessary permission.


The Astelin spray is only meant to be used via intranasal pathways.


For pediatric patients between the ages of 5 and 11, the amount should be one spray in each nostril. This should be repeated twice a day.


For adults, or those above twelve, two sprays in each nostril is advised. This, too, should be carried out two times a day.


Side Effects


There is always a propensity to experience certain contrary reactions when using Astelin, particularly for an extended period of time. This complications may involve:


Odd taste in mouth
Elevated desire to sleep
Presence of blood in mucus
Painful sensation inside nose
Muscular discomfort
Irritated throat
Increase in weight
Dry sensation in mouth


If you feel as though the above issues are becoming greater or if they do not stop, you should get examined by a specialist.




You should not inhale Astelin if you have any negative reactions to one or more of the constituents in the nasal spray.


One of the side effects involved with Astelin is sleepiness or disorientation. If this is something that you experience, you should avoid driving or dealing with machinery.


You should inform your medical professional if you are taking other medications to treat a cold. When combined with these treatments, Astelin may cause you to feel even sleepier.


Refrain from using alcohol while using Astelin as this could result in an increased prevalence of adverse responses.




You should receive special permission to use Astelin if you are an expectant mother. This should also be the procedure for women who may begin nursing their infants or who are already doing so.


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