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Generic Name: hydroxyzine (hye DROX ee zeen)


Brand Names: Atarax


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Atarax is a part of a family of drugs that have are identified as being antihistamines. The active element of Atarax is hydroxyzine hydrochloride. It can be obtained in measures of 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg.


How It Works


The body has a built-in immunity procedure that helps to minimize the amount of harm and damage done. One of the aspects of the immune response is the stimulation of histamines. Histamines work by uniting with receptors that are particularly responsive to histamines. One of the outcomes of such a combination is inflammation. This is because histamines can cause an increase of blood flow to an area that has been affected by an allergen. This can produce redness, irritation, and itchiness in this region. One of the functions of Atarax is to inhibit the joining of the histamines to the receptors. This effectively prevents the inflammation and hives from presenting on the skin.




Atarax has numerous advantages, when used to combat certain medical conditions. This includes the inhibition of hives and scratching that may be a result of contact dermatitis or a hypersensitive response.



Atarax should not be consumed without first receiving appropriate medical counsel. A clinician will first need to investigate your particular set of symptoms to figure out the right measure of Atarax to take. Due to the very particular effects of Atarax, it is important that you follow the directives that have been set down for you. To avoid any undesirable issues from arising, you should not consume Atarax in greater amounts or lesser doses than what has been stated.


Children below the age of six should receive a total amount of 50mg of Atarax within a day. This will need to be divided into equal doses.


For those above the age of six, between 50mg and 100mg of Atarax may be given as separate amounts.


Adults can 25mg of Atarax either three times or four times a day, depending on the doctor’s orders.


Side Effects


You should be aware of some of the contradicting indicators that may be exhibited during the use of Atarax. These may comprise of:


Unsteadiness or shaking in the limbs
Dryness of the mouth
Auditory, visual, or sensory hallucinations
Ache in the chest
Trouble with swallowing
Loss of consciousness
Elevated heart rate
Presence of rash on the skin


If any of these indicators prove to be aggravating or intensifying, it is important that you get medical advice immediately.




Atarax should not be consumed by women who are pregnant as it may prove to be harmful to the unborn child.


Read the components of Atarax before consuming to determine if there is a preexisting sensitivity to some of the ingredients.


Talk to a medical specialist if these are medical issues that you may affect you:


Disorders that may result in seizures
Difficulties with breathing
Heart condition
Increased blood pressure
Stomach or digestive system issues
Thyroid condition
Kidney or liver issues




There has been no indication of whether or not Atarax can be found in breast milk. However, to avoid complications, ask a clinician prior to instigating breastfeeding.


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