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Generic Name: probenecid (proe BEN a sid)


Brand Name: Benemid


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A common brand for probenecid, Benemid is a uricosuric medication.


How It Works


The active properties helps to increase the production of uric acid, a normal component of the urine and other bodily fluid. In a healthy person, the level of uric acid cannot be high. If it is, this can then result in gout, which has been linked to several medical conditions such as diabetes. Benemid helps the kidneys to dispel excess uric acid.




Doctors prescribe Benemid as a treatment to chronic gout as well as gouty arthritis, and may also be used as preventive measure against attacks related to gout. This drug also acts an enhancement to certain antibiotics by not allowing it to get out of the body through the urine.




Benemid is to be taken orally in the form of tablets. Normally, you will be advised to take the medication twice a day if you have been diagnosed with chronic gout or gouty arthritis. In the event that you are required to take it with antibiotics as an enhancer, then it would be prescribed to you four times a day. You should follow the instructions exactly as labelled on the packaging or consult your doctor or pharmacist for more information.


It is vital that you hydrate yourself adequately every day by drinking around six to eight glasses of water so as to avoid the formation of kidney stones. Also, make sure you do not miss your meals as one of the effects of Benemid is an upset stomach. If you have gastric, you may take the medication with antacids.


Do not be alarmed if you find that your gout attacks increase after you start taking this medication. This may only happen up to twelve months, and will actually prevent attacks in the long run. Your doctor may prescribe another drug to help with the attacks.


Try not to miss a dose but if you do, take it immediately. Should you remember the missed dose at the time the next dose is due, then skip it. Do not double dose.

Side Effects


You may experience a reaction to Benemid. Contact your doctor if any of the following side effects is severe or prevalent:


upset stomach
loss of appetite


However, the following symptoms warrant immediate attention from a medical personnel:


severe skin rash
difficulty breathing or swallowing
unusual bleeding or bruising



Before starting on this medication, kindly consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are:


Allergic to probenecid or any other drugs.
Taking any medication, prescribed or over-the-counter. Supply the full list, including vitamins. Kindly note that aspirin products can actively influence how the body responds to Benemid so try using a more natural approach during the treatment or consult your doctor for any other alternatives.
Having a history of contracting ulcers, kidney stones, and any kidney or blood disorders.
Pregnant, plan to be, or suspect that you are, or even breastfeeding.
Going to have surgery involving general anesthetic drug.
Having any urine tests done since the Benemid may have an affect on the results.




Make it a habit to have a record of all your medications in writing as well as a list of doctor and laboratory appointments as these will aid in monitoring your body’s response to Benemid.


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