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Brand Names: Benfotiamine


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Benfotiamine is a fat-soluble form of the more recognizable vitamin B1. This treatment is usually available in amounts of 150mg.


How it works


There are a great number of similarities between Benfotiamine and vitamin B1. However, being fat-soluble, Benfotiamine has an advantage over its counterpart. It is more readily absorbed by the body than vitamin B1. Therefore, it has a similar effect but is more useful as it can have a greater effect.




Benfotiamine is largely used to help individuals with diabetes. Benfotiamine can aid in alleviating many of the subsequent issues of diabetes including those that involve nephropathy and neuropathy.




There have only been limited medical trials conducted on the effects of Benfotiamine. Therefore, it is imperative that you first speak to a medical professional before taking Benfotiamine. This is to ensure that taking Benfotiamine will actually prove to be beneficial for your particular medical condition. Furthermore, it is only a physician who will be able to select the precise quantity of Benfotiamine that you will need to take.


Once a treatment plan has been constructed, it is important to not stray from this at all. You should only take the amount of Benfotiamine that has been predetermined. You will also only need to consume it at the times that have been provided to you. Following the instructions that you have been given is the best way to prevent or limit the number of negative effects that can manifest.


Depending on the severity of your diagnosis, you may be expected to take between 150mg and 300mg of Benfortiamine each day. You may need to take this either as a single dose or in separate amounts during the day.


Side effects


As long as the consumption of Benfotiamine is limited, there have been no adverse reactions reported. If taken in excess, however, certain symptoms of overdose may manifest. These may include:


Shortness of breath
Tingling sensation
Blue tint to the skin
Hot flashes


If you happen to notice these issues, you should consult a medical professional immediately. You should also get medical advice if you notice any other physical or mental changes after you begin taking Benfotiamine on a regular basis.




Before taking Benfotiamine, you should carefully peruse the list of ingredients. Do not take Benfotiamine if you see any components that have previously resulted in an allergic reaction.


Prior to a medical professional prescribing Benfotiamine, you should inform them of the following:


Any medical conditions that you may have previously been diagnosed with
Treatments that you may be undergoing to treat these medical conditions
Serious or genetic issues that may have plagued other family members
Any medications or supplements that you may recently or currently have been taking
The irregular or frequent use of recreational drugs
Food sensitivities that you may have



It is not known whether Benfotiamine can cause any birth defects in unborn children. If you are an expectant mother, you should discuss your situation with a medical professional.


If you want to begin nursing while taking Benfotiamine, you will first need to be cleared to do so by a physician.


Children should not be given Benfotiamine unless they have first been examined by a medical professional.


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