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Generic Name: benzoyl peroxide topical (BEN zoyl per OX ide)


Brand Name: Acne-Clear, Benzac AC, BenzEFoam, BenzePrO, Benziq, Benzoyl Peroxide, BPO, Brevoxyl Acne Wash Kit, Clearplex, Clearskin, Desquam-X Wash, Fostex Wash 10%, Inova, NeoBenz Micro, Neutrogena Acne Mask, Oscion, Oxy Daily Wash, Oxy-10, Pacnex, PanOxyl, Persa-Gel, Riax, SoluCLENZ Rx, Triaz


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Benzac is one of the many brands for benzoyl peroxide, and is a generic external medication that may be available over the counter without prescription. You may find it in the form of cleansing liquid or bar, as a lotion or cream, and even in gel form.


How It Works


When Benzac is applied to the affected area, it can help fight acne by weakening and reducing acne-causing bacteria.




This medication is mainly used to treat acne in the mild or moderate stages, and may be recommended to be used with other acne treatments should you decide to consult a doctor or pharmacist.




The Benzac products can be used as part of your daily and beauty routine. Simply use it once or twice daily, maybe once when you get ready in the morning and then in the night before you go to sleep.


As with any externally applied cosmetic and medicinal products, you should always test the lotion, cream and gel forms out by starting with applying the medication once daily only for the first three days. Use only a small amount of the medication and apply to one or two small areas that requires attention. If you do not contract any discomfort or harmful reaction, you may continue using the product. Carefully refer to the directions on the packaging or consult a doctor or pharmacist for clarification.


For the liquid and bar, you may use it like a regular cleansing skin care product. Simply use it to wash the affected areas. Should you purchase the products as a set, it is best to wash the skin with the cleansing products before gently applying the lotion, cream or gel.


Side Effects


There are side effects with using Benzac. If the following symptoms continue or become serious, please consult the doctor or visit your nearest pharmacist:


dryness or peeling of skin
feeling of warmth
slight stinging


You should stop the treatment and seek immediate medical treatment if you start experiencing any of the below:


burning, blistering, redness, or swelling in or around the area being treated
throat tightness
difficulty breathing
feeling faint
swelling of the eyes, face, lips, or tongue




Before adding Benzac to your daily routine, kindly follow these precautionary measures:


Avoid any product or activity that may irritate your skin. For instance, no abrasive, alcohol-based or medicated cosmetics, and no excessive exposure to sunlight.
Do not get any of the medication into the eyes, mouth and nose.
Children below twelve years are not recommended to use this medication without doctor’s advice.
Consult a doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to benzoyl peroxide or any other medications, and make sure to always check whether your current medication, prescribed or over the counter, will not affect you or the result of the treatment.




Benzac is strictly for external use only and should never be swallowed. Never attempt to apply dressings and bandages, as well as cosmetic products and any other skin medications to the treated area unless advised otherwise. You should also keep the product away from your hair and clothing as it has bleaching properties


It normally takes around four to six weeks for visible results. If this is not the case, please consult a doctor. For this reason, you may want to record all your doctor appointments.


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