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Bupron SR

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Brand Names: Bupron SR


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Bupron SR is a part of a class of medications that are identified as aminoketone antidepressants. It can be obtained in amounts of 150mg.


How it works


Neurotransmitters are substances in the brain that are essentially messengers. They carry messages to and from the various nerve cells within the brain. Different neurotransmitters carry different messages. For instance, dopamine and norepinephrine are involved in the regulation of moods. This is why Bupron SR effects these neurotransmitters in particular. It prevents the reuptake of both dopamine and norepinephrine, allowing for greater amounts to be present.




One of the main purposes of Bupron SR is to treat depression in individuals. It may be also used to treat other mood disorders or the depressive symptoms of other conditions.




Bupron SR should never be taken unless it has been prescribed to you by a medical specialist. Due to the effects of Bupron SR, you should only take a specific amount that is conducive to your condition. It is only your clinician who will be able to decide what the best quantity will be for you. This is done to largely eliminate or minimize the chance of having any negative reactions to Bupron SR. As such, you should follow the guidelines given to you by your medical specialist as closely as possible. This includes not changing your dosage, not skipping your treatment, and not engaging in unspecified activities.


Depending on what the clinician has decided, you may have to take 150mg, twice a day. It is important to leave at least eight hours in between each dose. You should never combine more than one measure of Bupron SR together, even if you have missed one of your earlier dose.


Side effects


There may be a chance that you could undergo certain negative effects with Bupron SR. Some of these issues could be:


Irregular heartbeat
Rapid or increased breathing
Differences in the amount of time that you sleep
Experience difficulty with breathing
Presence of noises in ears
Rashes or other blemishes on the skin


It is more common to experience some of these symptoms than others. They may also vary in how severe they are. You may find that many of these problems go away quite soon. If this is not the case, however, you should call a doctor.




Do not take Bupron SR if you:


Know you are allergic to one or more of the substances in Bupron SR
Have been taking MAO inhibitors within the last fourteen days
Are taking either tamoxifen or pimozide


If you do need to take MAO inhibitors or Bupron SR, make sure that you have stopped either of these medications for at least two weeks first. Only then should take either MAO inhibitors or Bupron SR.


You should tell a medical expert about any all medications that you may be taking before being prescribed Bupron SR. This includes any over the counter drugs or herbal supplements. This is to ensure that there is no negative interaction between the medications.


To minimize any unpleasant reactions, it is best to avoid alcohol while you are taking Bupron SR.




Taking Bupron SR while you are pregnant may be prove to be harmful for your fetus. It may also be harmful to a nursing child. Therefore, if you are pregnant or want to begin breastfeeding, please speak to a medical professional first.


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