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Generic Name: sucralfate (oral) (soo KRAL fate)


Brand Names: Carafate


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This is a medication used to treat and prevent ulcers that occur in the intestines. This drug is also known as Sucralfate.


How it works


This medication creates a coating over the ulcers. This prevents the ulcer from getting damaged to a further extent. This coating enables the ulcer to heal more quickly.




Carafate is mainly used to treat and prevent intestinal ulcers. This medication can also be used to treat ulcers created in the stomach. It is useful in preventing ulcers that occur due to the consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs.



This medication is taken 2-4 times a day. You must take Carafate on an empty stomach, at least an hour before you have your meal. The dosage will be based on the uniqueness of your treatment and the way you respond to the medication. The dosage and dose schedule must only be determined by a physician.


In order to benefit from this medication, you need to take it as regularly as possible. If you keep forgetting your doses, take them at the same time every day. This way, you will be able to take them on time. It is important for you to continue the treatment even if you no longer feel ulcer pain. You must not discontinue the treatment without consulting a physician. It usually takes 4-8 weeks for ulcers to heal completely. So, you must continue to take the medication until your prescription finishes.


If you are taking any other medication, note that they may not be as effective when you mix them with Carafate. So, if you are consuming any other drugs, make sure to take them well ahead or after consuming your dose of Carafate. When it comes to anti-acids, remember that they need to be taken at least 30 minutes before or after you consume Carafate.


Side effects


When consuming Carafate, you are likely to experience certain side effects such as nausea, upset stomach, constipation, dry mouth and gas. Even though these symptoms disappear within a day or two, inform your physician if they continue to persist.


You need to keep an eye out for the following severe side effects as well.


Persistent feelings of fullness in the stomach
Nausea/vomiting/stomach pain after meals
Difficulty swallowing


Even though you might not experience any of the above, it is safe to be aware of them.


You might also experience some severe allergic reactions to this medication. In this case, do not hesitate to get immediate medical help.




The following are some safety measures that you need to adhere to during the treatment period.


Before you consume this medication, make sure that you are not allergic to it.
Inform your physician if you have suffered from kidney problems in the past.
Be careful when giving this medication to older adults as they are more vulnerable to certain side effects.




If you get pregnant or plan to get pregnant during the treatment period, inform your physician as soon as possible.


It is not known whether this drug can be passed on to infants via breast milk. Therefore, if you are planning to nurse your child during the treatment period, consult a physician first.


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