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Generic Name: cefuroxime (SEF ue ROX eem)


Brand Names: Ceftin


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Ceftin is a brand name for a second generation cephalosporin antibiotic known as cefuroxime. It is used to treat bacterial infections in various parts of the body.


How It Works


Cefuroxime, the active ingredient in Ceftin, is categorized as a second generation cephalosporin. Cephalosporins are bactericidal agents that kill bacteria by preventing them from forming a cell wall. Some bacteria can produce an enzyme called beta-lactamase that breaks down cephalosporins, thus effectively becoming resistant to the drug. Second generation cephalosporins like Ceftin are better at resisting and killing beta-lactamase producing bacteria that first generation ones.




Ceftin is a generally well tolerated antibiotic that is commonly prescribed to treat bronchitis, ear infections, gonorrhea, Lyme disease, urinary tract infections and bacteria induced sinusitis.


Ceftin can cross the blood-brain barrier, so it may be prescribed for infections in the brain as well.


Antibiotics like Ceftin are not effective against viral infections like the flu or the common cold, and therefore should not be used for such infections.


Ceftin is available in tablet and liquid form.




Do not take Ceftin without a physician prescription.


Dosage of Ceftin will vary from person to person depending on weight and type of infection. Ceftin should be taken exactly as directed by a physician, or as indicated in the patient information leaflet.


Ceftin tablets should be swallowed orally with a glass of water as directed, either without or without food. Ceftin oral suspension should be taken with food.


Ceftin should be taken for the entire period as recommended by a doctor to ensure that the bacterial infection is completely eliminated.


Do not miss doses of Ceftin. Doing so could lead to antibiotic resistance.


Do not crush or chew Ceftin tablets. Shake liquid Ceftin bottles well before use. Measure the exact dose of the liquid form using a proper dosage-measuring device. Do not use household spoons to speculate the dosage.


Side Effects


Ceftin may cause one or more of the following side effects:


Stomach pain
Upset stomach
Stuffy nose
Muscle pain
Joint pain or swelling
Feeling hyperactive
Mild skin rash
Vaginal itching
Mouth sores or white patches
Unusual tastes in the mouth


Immediately seek medical care if side effects worsen or continue for more than a week.


Persisting watery or bloody diarrhea may indicate a new infection and should be immediately reported to a doctor.




Do not take Ceftin if allergic to any of the ingredients in the drug. Patients who are allergic to similar antibiotics may also be allergic to Ceftin.


Ceftin may cause birth control pills to become less effective.


Ceftin may cause abnormal results in medical lab tests, such as the ones that test blood glucose levels. Diabetic patients are recommended to use urine tests for blood sugar while taking Ceftin.




Do not skip doses of Ceftin that could lead to antibiotic resistance. Take the drug same time each day to remember your doses better.


Do not share Ceftin with others even if they are afflicted with the same condition.


Store Ceftin tablets at room temperature. Refrigerate Ceftin liquid suspension, but do not let it freeze.


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