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Generic Name: citalopram (si TAL o pram)


Brand Names: CeleXA


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Celexa is mainly used to treat depression. The medication is also commonly known as Citalopram in the medical industry.


How it works


Celexa is a well-known SSRI. SSRIs, also known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, work by resorting the chemical imbalance in the brain. They are specifically useful in fixing the imbalance of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter in the brain.




Celexa is primarily used to treat individuals with depression. However, it can also be used to treat other mental illnesses such as OCD and panic disorder. Moreover, this medication is useful in treating hot flashes that occur during menopause.




Celexa is generally taken once a day, by mouth, with or without food. The dosage will be based on a number of factors including your age, medication condition, laboratory tests, and treatment response. The dose will also be adjusted according to other medications you might be taking. You can either take your medication in the morning or evening. It is not safe to take more than 40mg of Celexa within a day.


If you prefer to use the liquid form of this medication, you must carefully measure the dosage using a medical spoon. Using a household spoon can lead to an incorrect dose.


At the beginning of the treatment, the physician might prescribe you a low dosage in order to reduce your susceptibility towards the side effects of the medication. Do not attempt to increase the doses on your own. This will not enhance the effectiveness of the medication. On the contrary, it can worsen your condition.


It is essential for you to continue this treatment until your physician asks you to do otherwise. Certain conditions deteriorate when the treatment is cancelled abruptly. If you are stopping the treatment, you should lower the doses gradually. Consult a physician before you plan to terminate the consumption of Celexa.


Side effects


You are likely to experience the following, which are some common side effects of consuming Celexa.


Loss of appetite
Blurred vision
Dry mouth


You are also likely to experience the following, which are some severe side effects of this medication.


Decreased interest in sex
Changes in sexual ability
Easy bruising
Irregular heartbeat


If you experience any of the above, do not hesitate to contact a healthcare provider.




During the treatment period, make sure to adhere to the safety tips listed below.


Inform your physician if you have any allergies.
Brief your physician about your medical history, especially if you suffered from liver diseases, seizures and bleeding problems in the past.
If your family has a history of suicide attempts, make sure to inform your physician about it.
Do not use machinery after taking your dose since this medication can make you dizzy.
Be careful when giving this drug to children since they will be more susceptible to side effects such as loss of appetite.




If you are pregnant, only take this drug when it is absolutely needed. It is best to consult a physician and discuss the risks and benefits of taking this medication during the period of pregnancy.


This drug can not only be passed on through breast milk, but it can have undesirable effects on infants too. Therefore, it is safer to avoid nursing while taking Celexa.


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