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Generic Name: cephalexin (sef a LEX in)


Brand Names: Keflex, Panixine, Biocef, Zartan


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Cephalexin is related to a branch of treatment known as penicillin. It is also known as a cephalosporin agent. Cephalexin can be taken in amounts of 250mg and 500mg.


How It Works


There are many structures that support and enable bacteria to thrive within the human body. One of these features is the cell wall. The cell wall acts as a boundary, offering protection from the external surroundings. At the same time, it ensures that an ideal environment is maintained within the bacteria. Cephalexin is responsible for the dismantling of the cell wall. Cephalexin also works to inhibit the bacteria from creating new cell walls. Without the cell walls in place, the bacteria is unable to continue to survive and is killed.




Cephalexin can be given to those who have been diagnosed as having ear infections, upper respiratory tract infections, and urinary tract infections.




Cephalexin treats a wide array of issues that result from a bacterial infection. While the same medication may resolve all of these diverging issues, the amount of Cephalexin greatly differs. Only a healthcare professional will be able to tell you the quantity of Cephalexin that will prove to have the greatest curative effect.


You will be told to take Cephalexin for a predetermined period of time. It is vital that you not deviate from this schedule, even if your symptoms have cleared up. This effect may only be temporary without completing your Cephalexin therapy.


Children will be required to take about 12.5mg to 25mg for every kilo that they weigh. This may be done every six hours.


Adults with variable bacterial issues may be given between 250mg to 500mg of Cephalexin. This should be taken every six hours. You may have to take Cephalexin for anywhere from a week to about three weeks.


Side Effects


There may be a few unpleasant issues that could arise with the continued ingestion of Cephalexin. Certain reactions may include:


A greater level of acid in stomach
Ejection of gas from the mouth
Burning sensation in either chest or stomach
Mouth will appear to be quite dry
Heart rate that is quite irregular
Irritated skin around the genital area
Discomfort or trouble with moving


The issues may appear to be minor or quite troublesome. Regardless, if they persevere you should see a physician about a resolution.




Cephalexin may be hazardous to those that are already sensitive to cephalexin or other antibiotics containing penicillin.


Vital information to tell a healthcare specialist include:


Allergies to any other treatments or medication
Any problems related to your kidneys
A continued issue with your digestion or intestine, in particular colitis


Certain forms of Cephalexin may contain some type of sugars. This could prove to be harmful for individuals with diabetes. Therefore, you should ask if you will require a special treatment option.




There has been no evidence to support that Cephalexin can harm a baby in utero.


Cephalexin can be passed to babies who are nursing through breast milk. As such, Cephalexin should not be taken while you are breast feeding.


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