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Generic Name: clonidine (oral) (KLOE ni deen)


Brand Name: Catapres, Kapvay


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Clonidine is used by individuals who have high blood pressure. This medication is sometimes used alongside other high blood pressure medications.


How it works


This drug lowers your blood pressure by decreasing the level of specific chemicals in your blood. This will enable your blood vessels to relax.


This way, blood will be able to flow through more easily. This in turn can influence your heart to beat more easily and slowly.




Clonidine is mainly used to reduce high blood pressure. Apart from treating hypertension, this medication is also used to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).




This drug must be taken exactly the way it is prescribed to you. Your dosage will be determined according to the status of your condition and your response to the therapy. Your physician might make some changes to the doses and dose schedule during the treatment period. You must not try to make any changes to the dose on your own.


This medication is usually taken in the morning and evening. If you are taking two doses a day, it is best to take the larger dose before bedtime.


Although this medication in available in transdermal patch and tablet form, do not take two different forms of clonidine at the same time. When taking this medication in tablet form, make sure to swallow it all. Do not chew or crush it before you swallow it.


When consuming this medication to treat high blood pressure, make sure to continue the treatment until your physician asks you discontinue.


Side effects


Look out for the following side effects throughout the treatment period.


Severe chest pain
Very slow heart rate
Severe headaches
Lightheaded feeling
Loss of appetite
Dry eyes


In the event of such side effects, the first thing you must do is contact your healthcare provider. If you do not treat these side effects immediately, they can deteriorate into a worse condition.




The following safety instructions must be followed during the entire treatment period for the sake of your own safety.


Do not drink alcohol. This habit can increase the risk of certain side effects.
Consuming this drug can impair thinking and reactions. Therefore, do not involve yourself in driving or operating machinery since it can lead to accidents.
Do not consume this medication if you are allergic to clonidine or any of its ingredients.
Inform your physician if you have a history of heart disease or kidney problems.
Be careful when giving this medication to senior citizens since they are more sensitive to the side effects.
Do not skip or miss your doses.




It is not verified whether this drug can affect an unborn baby. If you become pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant during the treatment period, make sure to consult a physician first. Discuss whether you are going to continue the treatment during this period or not.


This drug can be easily passed on to an infant through breast milk. Therefore, it is not safe to nurse your child while consuming clonidine. Consult a healthcare provider before you begin to breastfeed your child during the treatment period.


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