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Brand Names: Colospa


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Colospa is a medication used to treat a number of conditions including stomach cramps, irritable bowel syndrome and gas.


How it works


This medication works by relaxing the gut muscles in the stomach. It also works by reducing the painful contractions in the body.




This medication used to treat and prevent a number of conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, gas, bloating and changes in bowel habits. The medication is also effective in treating stomach cramps as well as pain related to small and large intestines.



The dosage will be determined by your physician according to your medication condition and response to the treatment. Make sure to always adhere to the instructions provided by your physician.


During the course of the treatment, do not increase the dosage of the medication without consulting your physician. Increasing the dosage will not improve the effectiveness of the medication. On contradictory, it will only increase the risk of side effects. Also, it can lead to an overdose as well. Therefore, if you are making any alterations to the dosage or dose schedule, make sure to inform your physician first.


If you wish to experience the best effects of this medication, you need to consume this medication as regularly as possible. Do not miss your skip your doses accidently or otherwise. If you keep forgetting your doses, set a reminder. Taking the medications at the same time every day will help you remember as well.


If your condition fails to improve or worsens during the course of the treatment, make sure to get immediate medical attention.


Side effects


The following are some side effects of Colospa which are you are most likely to experience during the course of the treatment.


Face edema
Allergic reactions
Subcutaneous tissue reactions


Even though some of these side effects are rare, they are quite serious. Therefore, if you do experience any of the above, make sure to inform your physician immediately.



It is highly important for you to follow the precautionary instructions given below in order to ensure your personal safety.


Do not drive or operate machinery since this medication can lead to drowsiness.
You must not consume this medication if you have previously suffered from a liver disease.
If you have suffered from or currently suffering from a bowel disease, do not consume this medication.
It is important to take this meal at least 20 minutes before having your meal.
Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this medication.
Do not take this medication for longer than recommended or more than necessary.




If you are planning to become pregnant or if you accidently become pregnant during the treatment period, make sure to inform your physician immediately. Since it is not entirely safe for you to consume this medication during the period of pregnancy, you need to follow your physician’s instructions very carefully.


In the same way, if you are hoping to breastfeed your child during the course of the treatment, make sure to consult a physician first.


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