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Generic Name: carvedilol (KAR ve dil ole)


Brand Names: Coreg, Coreg CR


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Coreg is a brand name for Carvedilol, a drug that treats high blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart failure.


How It Works


Coreg belongs to a class of drugs known as beta blockers. These medications can affect the blood circulation and pressure in the body. Beta blockers inhibit the effect of adrenaline in the body. This can cause blood vessels to relax and allow blood to flow at a lower pressure. As a result, the strain on the heart to pump blood is reduced.




Coreg is most frequently prescribed to treat high blood pressure. It is also commonly used to reduce the risk of death following a heart attack or heart failure. Relieving elevated blood pressure can also reduce the risk of stroke and kidney failure.




Dosage of Coreg varies depending on the condition being treated, response to treatment, risk factors and medical history. The correct dosage for you will be prescribed by your doctor.


Take this drug exactly as the doctor prescribed it to use. You must take the exact amount of doses and follow the dosage schedule for the recommended time period.


You can take Coreg with or without food, but this medication works best if you take it with food.


Swallow the pills whole without breaking or splitting.


Take Coreg the same time each day to keep the drug at a consistent level in your body. Also, it will help you remember when to take the drug.


You may have to check your blood pressure when taking Coreg.


Do not alter the dosage of this drug without your doctor’s instructions. If severe side effects are at risk, your doctor will get you started on a lower dosage and gradually increase the dose to the required level.


Do not abruptly stop taking this drug before the recommended period ends. Doing so may cause your condition to get worse, or result in undesirable effects such as chest pain.


Read the patient information leaflet provided with the packaging for detailed dosage instructions.


Side Effects


Coreg may cause the following side effects:


Weight gain
Dry eyes
Tired feeling


The above is not a complete list of side effects.


Tell your doctor if side effects get worse or continue to persist.




Do not take Coreg if you are allergic to any of the active or inactive ingredients in the drug.


Do not take Coreg with the following conditions: severe liver disease, asthma, breathing problems like bronchitis and emphysema, slow heart rate, or a serious heart condition such as AV block.


You should not take Coreg if you have asthma, , severe liver sickness, or a severe heart complaint such as heart block, “sick sinus syndrome,” or slow heart rate (unless you have a pacemaker).


It’s recommended to avoid taking alcohol or any products containing alcohol when taking Coreg. Alcohol may cause the drug to be released rapidly into the body and exacerbate side effects. If you are taking Coreg CR extended release pills, avoid drinking alcohol 2 hours before or after taking the drug.




You must continue using this medication even if you feel well. Conditions like hypertension do not cause patients to feel sick.


Coreg will be prescribed as a part of the program that includes diet and exercise. You must follow the full program to fully treat your condition.


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