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Generic Name: losartan (loe SAR tan)


Brand Names: Cozaar


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Cozaar is a brand name for losartan, an antihypertensive drug used to treat high blood pressure, among related medical conditions.


How It Works


Cozaar belongs to a group of drugs known as angiotensin II receptor antagonists. Angiotensin II is a substance produced by the body to narrow blood vessels. In healthy individuals, this narrowing helps blood vessels maintain an ideal pressure to make blood flow. But if an individual suffers from a medical condition like heart disease, this narrowing causes abnormally high blood pressure, causing the heart to work harder. Cozaar can therefore block the vessel narrowing agent and cause blood vessels to relax and make blood flow at a lower pressure.




Cozaar is prescribed to treat high blood pressure. Left untreated, high blood pressure can increase the risk of heart failure, kidney failure (especially in patients with diabetes) and stroke.


Cozaar can reduce the risk of these conditions in hypertensive patients and patients with an enlarged heart. Cozaar may also be used to reduce long-term kidney damage in people who have type II diabetes.




Dosage of Cozaar will vary depending on several factors. Your doctor will prescribe you the right dose of Cozaar.


Take Cozaar exactly as your doctor tells you to take the drug. You must take the drug for the entire duration of the recommended period for the treatment to be effective. Do not abruptly stop taking Cozaar beforehand. Doing so may cause your condition to get worse.


Do not alter the prescribed dose of Cozaar without consulting with your doctor first.


You can take Cozaar with or without food.


It may take 3 to 6 weeks for the drug to be effective. You may not feel any overt differences when taking this drug. Regardless, it’s important to continue taking the medication.


Check your blood pressure often when taking Cozaar. You may need to schedule doctor’s visits for frequent blood and urine tests.

Side Effects


Cozaar may cause the following side effects:


Dry cough
Back pain
Cold symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing and sore throat


Tell your doctor immediately if side effects get worse over time or continue to persist.




Before taking Cozaar, read the list of ingredients in the packaging label. Do not take Cozaar if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients.


Cozaar can harm or kill an unborn baby. Therefore, do not take this drug if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. You must inform your doctor right away if you get pregnant when using this drug.


Diabetic patients should not take Cozaar with medications that contain aliskiren (like Amturnide).


Very rarely, Cozaar may cause a condition where skeletal muscle tissues are broken down, resulting in kidney failure. The symptoms of this condition include muscle tenderness, weakness or pain; usual tiredness, dark colored urine or unexplained fever. Immediately inform your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.




Do not drive or operate heavy machinery if taking Cozaar causes you to feel dizzy.


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