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Generic Name: dexamethasone (dex-a-METH-a-sone)


Brand Name: Generic only. No brands available.


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Decadron contains a synthetic adrenocortical steroid. Decadron is mainly composed of dexamethasone. Decadron tablets can be found in potencies of either 0.5mg or 0.75mg.


How It Works


The main function of dexamethasone is reducing the amount of inflammation within the body. Inflammation can be a useful tool against certain bacterial or microbial invasions. However, sometimes the inflammation is triggered by agents known as allergens. These are not necessarily harmful, but the body perceives them as such. This can cause the triggering of inflammation in various regions. This is typically seen in the lungs and on the skin. Therefore, it can cause rashes or difficulties with breathing, such as asthma. Decadrone prevents the inflammation from taking place by minimizing the effects of certain immune responses that may be triggered in the presence of allergens.




Decadron can be consumed to reduce some of the adverse indications caused by allergic reactions to various allergens. Decadron has proven to be largely effective against types of dermatitis and breathing issues.




Decadron will prove to be hepful in certain, specific amounts. Consuming Decadron in measures that are either less or more may prove to have effects that are not really conducive to the condition at hand. To be able to figure out what the best course of treatment is, you should visit a clinician. Follow the provided prescription to ensure a resulting greater level of safety as well as health.


For children, the quantity of Decadron given is reliant on the weight of the child in question. As such, a pediatric patient may be given between 0.02 to 0.3mg per kilo, each day. This is separated into either three or four doses.


For adults, the amount of Decadron that is prescribed is dependent on the specific medical condition. As a result, a patient could be given between 0.75 and 9mg, a day.


Side Effects


Contingent on each individual’s reaction to Decadron, there may or may not be certain subsequent issues. These could be inclusive of:


A surge in appetite
Depositions of fat around the torso and upper portion of the body
Lightening of skin tone
Presence of lines around the body that may be reddish in color
Reduction of hair on the scalp
Dry scalp
Changes in mood or temperament
Alterations to heart rate


If these issues persist or begin to become greater in severity, you should get medical attention instantly.




Avoid the consumption of Decadron if you:


Are sensitive to any of the included components
Are currently consuming mifepristone
Are suffering from a systemic fungal infection


A medical professional should be made aware if any of these are germane to you:


If you are taking any other medications that are of the prescription or non-prescription variety
You will soon be the recipient of any live virus vaccine
If you have problems pertaining to your thyroid, kidneys, heart, stomach, eyes, or liver
Have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis or diabetes
Have recently had or currently have any infectious condition or disease
Have battled with mental health problems




If you either wish to be pregnant or are already pregnant, confide in a doctor before taking Decadron. You should do the same if you are breastfeeding or will begin doing so.


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