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Generic Name: trazodone (TRAZ-oh-done)


Brand Name: Generic only. No brands available.

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Desyrel is a medication used to treat anxiety among other mental illnesses. The drug is also referred to as Trazodone within the medical industry.


How it works


A great number of mental disorders are caused as a result of chemical imbalances in the brain. If the neurotransmitters in the brain increase or decrease to an abnormal level, mental illnesses can occur. Therefore, this medication operates by bringing a level of balance to the neurotransmitter activity in the brain.




Desyrel is mainly used to treat depression. It improves the mood, appetite, and energy of an individual suffering from depression. It is also useful in reducing anxiety and insomnia that occurs as a result of depression.




This medication must be taken after you take your meals. The usual dosage is one or two tablets a day. However, your physician might prescribe you a different dosage in order to meet your personal requirements. If you are prescribed to take two doses a day, make sure to take the larger dose during the evening.


Your physician might start with a small dosage and gradually increase it during the course of treatment to reduce the risk of side effects. So, always stick to the physician’s prescription. Do not attempt to increase the dosage on your own. Doing so will not treat your condition any faster. It will only make you more vulnerable towards the side effects.


It can take from 2-4 weeks for this medication to work. Therefore, do not increase the dosage thinking that the drug is not working. Also, make sure to continue the treatment even if you feel well. Although your symptoms might have disappeared, you still might be suffering from the condition. Therefore, continue to consume the medication until your physician asks you to stop.


Side effects


The following are some common side effects of Desyrel, which you may or may not experience during your treatment period.


Muscle pain
Bad taste in mouth
Stuffy nose


You might also experience some side effects more severe than the ones above. These include:


Problems urinating
Ringing in the ears
Signs of infection


In the event of these symptoms, reach out to your healthcare provider immediately.




Before consuming this medication, inform your physician if you are allergic to Desyrel or any of its ingredients.
Brief your pharmacist and physician about your medical history. This includes the current medications and herbal treatments you are taking.
Since this medication can result in blurred vision, do not engage in any activity that might give you blurred vision.
Consuming this medication can result in a condition that might affect your heart rhythms. If you notice this change, inform your physician immediately.
Be careful when giving this drug to senior citizens as they might be more sensitive to side effects such as dizziness.




Consuming this medication during the period of pregnancy can affect the health of your baby. So, have a discussion with your physician before you make any changes to the treatment plan.


This medication has the ability to be passed on through breast milk. Therefore, speak to a physician if you are planning to nurse your child during the treatment period.


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