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Generic Name: cabergoline (ca BER goe leen)


Brand Name: Dostinex


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Dostinex is identified as a dopamine receptor agonist and it is used to treat increased amounts of prolactin in the body. The active ingredient in this drug is Cabergoline.


How it works


Dostinex works by impersonating a substance called Dopamine in your body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that sends messages from one cell to another. Dostinex intervenes with dopamine receptors located in the pituitary gland. This gland is responsible for the production of the hormone Prolactin. High prolactin levels are associated with conditions such as the excessive production of breast milk in both men and women. Dostinex cures this condition by inhibiting the prolactin secretions in the pituitary lactotrophs.




Dostinex is used to treat several conditions. Largely, it is given to stop the production of breast milk after child birth, abortion, or still births. Dostinex is also taken when females experience irregular menstrual patters or the termination of ovulation which can lead to infertility. It is also prescribed to cure tumors in the Pituitary gland.




Take Dostinex by following the precise instructions given to you by your doctor or pharmacist. It is advisably to mark the days you take this medication on a calendar.


The starting dose of Dostinex is 0.25 which is to be taken twice a week. Gradual increments can be introduced to the dosage and the dose should not exceed 2 mg per week. Increments after that should be made only once a month.


Persons who are taking this medication for a long period of time should undergo cardiovascular evaluation from time to time.


If the level of prolactin is normalized after continuing the drug for a period of 6 months, the use of the drug may be terminated.

Side effects


Unpleasant reactions may occur in some people who are allergic to the active ingredient Cabergoline. Symptoms of an allergy that can manifest are irritations on the skin, swelling of tongue or throat and breathing difficulties. Aside from allergies, some common side effects of Dostinex are:


Bloated stomach
Lack of stamina


Get medical help immediately if you are suffering from any of the following serious side effects.


Swelling of ankles
Rapid mood changes
Shortness of breath
Uncontrollable urges
Pain in breasts
Painful menstruation
Chest pain
Excessive or decreased urination




Listed below are health conditions your doctor should be aware of before prescribing this medication to you. Do not keep this information from your doctor.


High blood pressure
Allergy to ergotamine
History of heart diseases
Pregnancy/ breastfeeding
Liver disease


Dostinex may interact with several drugs. Some of them are:




To prevent hazardous health circumstances, always provide your doctor with a prescription of other medicines you are taking at the same time.


Remember, this drug should not be taken during pregnancy and when you are breastfeeding. There is a high risk of your unborn baby being affected by it.



It is important to monitor your body when taking Dostinex. Do not fail to do regular checkups at your medical center. Make sure to test your blood, prolactin levels, and cardiovascular conditions.


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