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Generic Name: doxycycline (DOX i SYE kleen)


Brand Names: Acticlate, Adoxa, Alodox, Avidoxy, Doryx, Mondoxyne NL, Monodox, Morgidox, Ocudox Convenience Kit, Oracea, Oraxyl, Targadox, Vibramycin


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Doxycycline is a part of a medications that are often referred to as tetracyclines. Doxycycline is a form of oral treatment. It can be consumed in a variety of strengths.


How It Works


Doxycycline is sometimes called a broad spectrum antibiotic. This is because it works well against various microbial entities. Doxycycline interferes with certain essential processes that bacteria require in order to flourish and spread. In particular, doxycycline prevents the bacteria from producing a certain type of protein. Without this protein, the microbial agents cannot multiply and are unable to spread to other parts of the body. The remaining bacterial bodies are destroyed by the body’s own immune system.



Doxycycline can be prescribed to help against intestinal infections, urinary tract infections, eye infections, certain sexually transmitted diseases, and gum disease. It can also be used to overcome certain types of acne as well as some aspects of rosacea.




Prior to being able to utilize Doxycycline, you are going to need to consult with a physician. This is to ascertain just how much of Doxycycline will prove to be effective, according to your malady. As there are numerous conditions that can be managed with the consumption of Doxycycline, you will need to narrow down you ailment. Corresponding to the results that you have received, you will be expected to consume a particular amount of Doxycycline, for a specific duration.


To ensure that Doxycycline has the desired results, you are going to need to follow your clinician’s orders strictly. In particular, you should make sure to take Doxycycline for the period that has been determined by your doctor. This is to ensure that all of the bacteria in the body is fully destroyed.


Side Effects


It is possible to exhibit certain uncomfortable or unusual symptoms while taking Doxycycline. This can fluctuate in severity as well as duration. Some of the more reported issues while consuming Doxycycline are:


Discomfort localized to stomach, back, or legs
Bleeding from the gums
Presence of blood in urine or stools
Unfocused vision
Altered visual perception of colors
Protruding spot on baby’s skull
Pain in the chest region
Cracked skin
Breathing problems
Swelling around the body
Soreness in the throat
Difficulties while swallowing
Increase in skin sensitivity to sunlight


If these concerns do not dissipate after some time, it is prudent to get some more information regarding your condition.




Doxycycline should be avoided by:


Those hypersensitive to doxycycline or any other tetracycline drugs
Individuals who are below the age of eight years


A medical expert should be alerted about any of these issues:


Liver or kidney disorders
Consuming medications containing isotretinoin
An increased propensity for buildup of pressure within the skull
Sulfite allergy
Take drugs to prevent seizures
Consume blood thinners




There is a chance that taking Doxycycline while you are pregnant could cause health concerns for the baby. You should immediately tell your medical attendant if you are pregnant.


Doxycycline could also pass through to a child through breast milk. It is vital that you tell your physician about your nursing intent.


Doxycycline may make your birth control less reliable and so you should be careful when engaging in sexual activity.


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