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Generic Name: dimenhydrinate (dye men HYE dri nate)


Brand Name: Dramamine, Driminate, Triptone


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This medication is useful in preventing the various effects of motion sickness. The drug is also known as Dimenhydrinate.


How it works


This medication is an antihistamine. These medications work by getting rid of the histamines in your body.




The medication is useful in treating various effects of motion sickness. These include nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Moreover, it is also useful in treating nausea and dizziness caused by inner ear problems.




You must not take this medication more than necessary or for longer than recommended. You must understand that taking more tablets will not enhance the effects of the medication. On the contrary, it will only increase your vulnerability towards the side effects of the drug. Therefore, do not make any changes to the dose schedule without consulting your physician.


You need to take this medication by mouth, with or without food. If you are taking the medication in the form of a chewable tablet, make sure to chew it thoroughly before it is swallowed. On the other hand, if you are taking it in liquid form, make sure to use a proper measuring spoon. If you use a household spoon, it can lead to the incorrect dosage.


The dosage will depend on a number of factors including your age, medical condition and response to the treatment. If you are using this medication to avoid morning sickness then make sure to take it at least 30-60 minutes before you start to travel.


Side effects


The following are some side effects of the medication which you might or might not experience when using this drug.


Blurred vision
Dry mouth


You might also experience some severe side effects such as shaking, mood changes, irregular heartbeat and difficulty urinating.


In the event of these side effects, make sure to alert your physician immediately. Even though these side effects might only last for a day or two, it is important for you to get medical attention if they persist.




The following precautionary instructions must be adhered to at all times of the treatment period.


Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the medication.
Brief your physician about your medical history.
Brief your physician about all the medications that you are currently taking. This includes prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs and herbal treatments.
If you a senior citizen, be careful with the dosage as you will be more susceptible to side effects such as drowsiness and confusion.
Avoid the consumption of alcohol.
If you are getting a surgery, inform your surgeon that you are taking this medication.




If you are planning to get pregnant or accidently get pregnant during the treatment period, then inform your physician immediately. During this period, you must only take this drug when it is absolutely necessary. It is highly important for you to discuss the risks and benefits of taking this medication beforehand.


This drug can not only pass onto infants via breast milk, but it can have undesirable effects on their health too. Therefore, it is best to avoid breastfeeding while using this medication.


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