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Generic Name: glimepiride and pioglitazone (glye MEP ir ide and PYE oh GLI ta zone)


Brand Names: Duetact


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Duetact is an oral medication used to treat type 2 diabetes patients. It contains a combination of glimepiride and pioglitazone, which basically helps control blood sugar levels of human body. This medication supports to improve the sensitivity of insulin production which results in pulling down and controlling blood sugar levels. This medicine comes as a tablet and should be taken once per day. Sometimes this is recommended to take with other diabetes medication when the blood sugar levels of a patient are too high.


How it Works


As there are two medications in Duetact, these two work separately to generate different effects in the human body. Pioglitazone, which is a part of the medication group called thiazolidinedione helps advance insulin sensitivity or it helps the body of a patient use its natural insulin more effectively. When natural insulin is efficiently used, the blood sugar levels are properly maintained within the required range. On the other hand, Glimepiride, which is a part of a diabetes medication class called sulfonylureas, supports the pancreas to produce more insulin that helps dropping blood sugar by supporting the cells respond to insulin more efficiently.




When a patient is supposed to switch from glimepiride to this combined drug, the starting dosage would be 30 mg (pioglitazone) /2 mg (glimepiride) or 30 mg (pioglitazone) /4 mg (glimepiride) per day and it totally depends on the previous dosage of glimepiride taken by that particular person. However, when the blood sugar levels of a patient are too high and impossible to control with the above dosages, the medical consultants advice to increase the dosage per day up to a maximum level of 45 mg/8 mg.


Side Effects


Just like any other medication, Duetact too has its own side effects which may be either general or serious. It totally depends on your body and the side effects caused by Duetact may vary from person to person. However, if you experience any serious side effects, you should immediately contact your medical advisor and get emergency medical care if necessary. Following are some of the side effects that might occur during the treatment period.


Any Allergic Indications Such As Breathing Difficulties, Strange Swelling Of Throat, Face, Tongue and Lips
Unusual Weight Gain
Blurred Vision
Changes of Urine Color and Difficulty in Urination
Yellowish Skin and Eyes
Dark Colored Stool
Strange Sudden Aching in Hands or Feet
Upper Abdominal Pain




Duetact might not be the most fitting medication for those who are having the following conditions as it may cause other serious health problems. Therefore, if you go through any of the following circumstances, make sure that you do not take Duetact unless recommended by a medical advisor.


If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this combined medicine.
If you have ever experienced a severe heart issue.
If you are suffering from an active bladder cancer
If you are diabetic ketoacidosis
If you are a kidney patient
If you have any eye issues resulted by diabetes


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