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Brand Names: Dutas


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Dutas is a brand name for Dutasteride, a drug that treats benign prostatic hyperplasia and pattern hair loss in men.


How It Works


Dutas can prevent the male sex hormone testosterone from converting into the more dihydrotestosterone. This chemical conversion reaction is associated with scalp hair loss and prostate enlargement in men.




Dutas is a prescription medication used to treat prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia) in men. It may also used to treat pattern hair loss in men. Dutas is sometimes used to prevent urinary blockage, especially among men with enlarged prostrates.



Dosage of Dutas will vary depending on your unique condition. Your doctor will prescribe you the correct amount of dose to take.


You must take Dutas exactly as your doctor tells you to take it. Do not change the dosage without consulting your doctor first.


Dutas is a drug that works in the long term. You will not notice any instant benefits of the drug. You may need to take Dutas as prescribed for several weeks before benefits become noticeable to you.


Read the patient information leaflet provided with the packaging before taking Dutas.


You can take Dutas by mouth with or without food. Swallow pills whole without crushing or chewing. Make sure content of Dutas capsules does not get on your face. Dutas can irritate your lips, mouth or throat.


Follow a regular treatment schedule to get most benefits of the drug.


Do not miss doses of this drug. If you miss a dose, try to take it the same day. Do not take two doses of Dutas at once.


Side Effects


Dutas may cause the following common side effects:


Decreased sexual ability or desire
Inability to achieve an orgasm
Decreased amount of semen in ejaculation


Side effects other than the ones listed above may occur. Report any serious or unbearable side effects to your doctor right away. Tell your doctor if side effects continue to persist.




Dutas should never be used by women or children. Pregnant women are strongly cautioned against coming into contact with this drug, as exposure may result in birth defects.


Do not consume Dutas if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the drug, or if you have had an allergic reaction to a similar drug in the past.


Tell your doctor all other prescription medication, over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements, dietary supplements or vitamins you are taking. Dutas may cause dangerous reactions with certain other medications.


Dutas may not be safe to use if you have experienced heart failure, urinary track problems or have problems urinating normally. Those with a history of abnormal liver function, prostate cancer, and increased serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels should not take Dutas.


Dutas may increase your risk for certain types of prostate cancer.


Taking Ritonavir the same time as Dutas may increase the side effects of the drug.




Dutas will remain in your blood 4 to 6 months after you stop the treatment. Do not donate blood during this period.


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