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Generic Name: selegiline (oral) (se LE ji leen)


Brand Names: Eldepryl, Zelapar


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Eldepryl is a brand for selegiline, which is a drug in a group of medications known as monoamine oxidase type B (MAO-B) inhibitors. It should be taken orally, and you can find it in the form of capsules or orally dissolving tablet.

How It Works


Eldepryl basically works by increasing the amount of dopamine, which is a natural substance that your brain requires in order to control your movement.




Doctors prescribe Eldepryl to victims of Parkinson’s disease, which is a disorder of the nervous system that causes difficulty with movement, muscle control, as well as balance. If taken with a levodopa and carbidopa combination, Eldepryl can help to control these symptoms. Kindly note that this medication is not a cure, but simply to help control the symptoms of the disease.




The capsule may be taken twice a day, that is, once with breakfast and the next with lunch. The orally dissolving tablet is usually prescribed to be taken once daily in the morning before you take in any food, water, or any other liquids. Please note that the latter should never be removed from the packaging before you are ready to take the dose. Once you are, make sure to use dry hands and remove it with care. Place it on your tongue and wait for it to start dissolving. Refrain from eating or drinking five minutes before and after you take the dissolving tablet. In any case, follow the directions exactly as per the doctor and read the prescription label for more information. Never change the dosage or dose frequency, and do not double dose to compensate for a missed one. Try not to stop taking the medication abruptly without first consulting your doctor as this can aggravate the side effects.


Side Effects


The side effects of Eldepryl are listed below and should be reported to your doctor in the event that it becomes serious or simply does not go away:


Dry mouth
Stomach pain
Difficulty swallowing
Difficulty falling or staying asleep
Unusual dreams
Pain, particularly in the legs or back
Muscle pain/weakness
Purple blotches appearing on the skin
Any redness, irritation, or sores developing in the mouth (if you are taking the orally dissolving tablets)


Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any of the following side effects:


Severe headache
Chest pain
Fast/irregular/pounding heartbeat
Sudden and severe nausea and vomiting
Stiff/sore neck
Uncontrollable shaking of any part of the body
Unusual and difficult to control
Difficulty breathing




Do not fail to advise your doctor the following before taking Eldepryl:


If you are allergic to selegiline, or any other type of medications.
Every medicine, prescribed or otherwise, that you are taking, have recently taken, or plan to take. Also include vitamins, nutritional supplements, as well as herbal products.
Whether you have a history of liver or kidney disease, or phenylketonuria.
If you are pregnant, or plan to be. Also, if you currently breastfeeding. If you conceive during treatment, let your doctor know, too.


While you are on this medication, you may experience dizziness, lightheadedness, and fainting if you get up too quickly from the bed. So try to get out of bed more slowly by resting your feet on the floor for just a few minutes before you stand up.



Try to cross check your diet with your doctor when taking Eldepryl.


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