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Generic Name: selegiline (transdermal) (se LE ji leen (trans DERM al))


Brand Names: Emsam


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Emsam is a brand name for Selegiline, an antidepressant used in the treatment of major depressive disorder.


How It Works


Emsam is an antidepressant that belongs to a class of drugs known as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). This drug can affect the neurotransmitter levels in your brain. Under certain circumstances, this mechanism can elevate mood and make an individual feel better about living.




Emsam transversal patches are FDA approved to be used in the treatment of major depressive disorder. Emsam is also sometimes prescribed to treat Parkinson’s disease. Emsam may be used in the treatment of other medical conditions.




Emsam is available as transdermal patches. Your doctor will tell you how many transdermal patches you should use each day, how to use it and for how long. Follow your doctor’s instruction exactly for the treatment to work.


You should only use one transdermal patch per day, unless explicitly instructed by your doctor. A patch should be worn for 24 hours. Pick a day that’s best for you to do this.


You may not notice a difference for several weeks after treatment begins. Do not stop the treatment even if you don’t feel well right away. Talk to your doctor if you are unsatisfied with how Emsam works.


Do not consume beverages, foods or drinks high in tyramine (aged cheese or home-brewed beer for example) when undergoing Emsam treatment. Once you stop the treatment program, wait at least two weeks before consuming high tyramine foods or drinks.


When wearing your Emsam patch, avoid exposing the patch to direct sources of heat like direct sunlight, heat lamps and electric blankets.


Side Effects


Emsam may cause one or more of the following side effects:


Mild skin reaction or redness where the patch is places (most common)
Sudden, large increase in blood pressure (hypertensive crisis)
May make depression worse
Unusual changes in behavior
Worsened suicidal thoughts
Mania or hypomania
Lightheadedness or fainting feeling
Low blood pressure


Talk to your doctor immediately if side effects persist or get worse.




Antidepressants like Emsam may cause you to have suicidal thoughts or exacerbate existing suicidal thoughts in the first few months of beginning treatment. Children, young adults and teenagers are particularly at increased risk of suicide when taking antidepressants such as Emsam. Therefore, patients undergoing Emsam treatment should be constantly monitored. If you are taking Emsam and you experience suicidal thought, talk to your doctor or another trusted person to stay safe.


Emsam may react dangerously with other medications. You must keep a list of all medications, supplements and vitamins you take and present it to the prescribing doctor. Emsam is known to cause potentially life-threatening reactions when taken with medications like St. John’s wort, Flexeril, BuSpar, Demerol and several more.


inform your doctor if you have a history of heart problems, manic episodes (or “high” moods), dizziness and fainting episodes before taking Emsam.


Emsam is not safe to take if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant.


Do not use this medication if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients.




Notify your doctor that you are undergoing Emsam treatment if you are planning to have a surgery.


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