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Generic Name: amitriptyline


Brand Names: Endep


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Endep is a part of a group of drugs that are referred to as tricyclic antidepressants. The primary constituent in Endep is amitriptyline. Endep is available in various forms with strengths ranging from 10mg to 150mg.


How it works


Neurotransmitters such as serotonin and norepinephrine have been associated with more positive attitudes and moods. The components of Endep function by working with these two neurotransmitters. In particular, they prevent the serotonin and neurotransmitter from getting reabsorbed. As a result, there is a greater amount of these neurotransmitters available.




Endep is helped to improve the condition of those who have been diagnosed with depression. It has been especially helpful in instances where other form of treatments have failed to have an impact.




To maximize the positive impact and reduce the possibility of exhibiting side effects, Endep needs to be taken in particular amounts. In most instances, the lowest optimal amount of Endep is what is best for patients. In order for this to be discovered, you will need to first see a medical specialist. They will be able to choose the most helpful quantity of Endep. Altering the amount that you should be taking may have unpleasant consequences for you. Therefore, you should also check ahead of time with your clinician before making any modifications to your treatment.


For inpatients, they may be started out at a dose of 100mg of Endep a day. This may be later reduced to an amount between 40mg and 100mg later on. This will need to be taken as one dose before going to sleep. The inpatients should not take more than 300mg a day.


Outpatients can take amounts between 75mg and 150mg, in divided doses. Individuals should not take more than 150mg a day.


If the dose is being increased during the initiation period, it should be done so later during the day, close to bedtime. This is due to the sedative effect that may occur as a result.


It is important to understand that the positive consequences of Endep may take about thirty days or more to be felt.


Side effects


There may certain negative aspects involved in taking Endep. These could either be minor or major, depending on the patient. If any of these or other problems worsen, you should speak to a medical expert.


Dilated pupils
Discoloration of tongue
An increased presence of gas or air in stomach
Larger breasts in women
Loss of interest in sexual activity
Stomach pain
Bleeding gums
Hazy vision
Blood in either urine or stools




Do not take Endep if these apply to you:


You are allergic to amitriptyline or other components in Endep
You have recently experienced a heart attack
You have taken a MAO inhibitor within the last two weeks


You should also divulge these medical details as well:


Diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder
Psychosis or any other mental illness
Heart or liver issues
Conditions regarding your heart, seizures, or stroke
Issues regarding urination


Individuals below the age of 24 may have a higher chance of experiencing suicidal thoughts. It is vital that these patients, particularly are closely monitored.




There is no information indicating that Endep may prove harmful to in utero babies. You should still discuss the situation with a medical expert.


Endep should not be used by mothers who are breast feeding.


This medicine is not meant for individuals below the age of 12.


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