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Generic Name: raloxifene (oral) (ra LOX i feen)


Brand Names: Evista


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Evista is a brand name of a generic drug called Raloxifene. It is identified as a selective estrogen receptor modulator. Evista contains the active ingredient raloxifene hydrochloride.


How it works


Estrogen is a female sex hormone that affects many functions in the body. Estrogen has an influence on bone, breast and uterine tissues. When a woman reaches the menopause stage, estrogen levels gradually lessen causing these tissues to be affected. When the bone tissue is affected, it can lead to the loss of bone density and to painful conditions like osteoporosis in which bones become more fragile and easily breakable. Evista works by resembling estrogen and affecting estrogen receptors in the bone tissue that enable its deterioration when estrogen is lacking in your body.


Although, breast and uterine tissues are also responsive to estrogen, this medication does not affect these tissues. Therefore, it does not carry the risk of developing cancers in the uterus. Evista is known as a ‘selective’ estrogen receptor modulator due to this reason. It is unable to treat other disorders that arise with the deficiency of estrogen.




Evista is solely used to treat post-menopausal women who are suffering from osteoporosis.




This medication is available for oral administration in the form of tablets with strength of 60 mg.


Evista is prescribed to be taken daily at any time of the day before, after or with meals as preferred.


To treat osteoporosis or prevent it, it is necessary to add a calcium supplement to your diet while taking Evista. The recommended daily calcium intake for post-menopausal women is 1500 mg. Supplements are necessary only if that amount is not included in your diet. There is no record of added benefits if more than 1500 mg of calcium is consumed daily.


Side effects


The most common side effects of Evista are:


Hot flashes
Swelling of ankles
Mild fever
Excessive sweating
Abdominal pain
Changes in blood pressure
Drop in the platelet count


Other less common side effects include minor blood clots, migraine headaches and rashes.


If you experience any of the following more serious side effects, discontinue this medication at once.


Changes in your breasts such as lumps, enlargement or tenderness.
Numbness in one side of the body which is a sign of a stroke
Symptoms of a blood clot- coughing up blood, chest pain, rapid breathing




Evista is not suitable for women with the following health conditions.


History of blood clots, especially in the legs
Symptoms of a cancer in the linings of the womb
Severe kidney and liver disease
Vaginal bleeding
Rare disorders such as galactose intolerance


In addition, pregnant and breast feeding women should not take Evista under any circumstance.


Be cautious when using Evista if you experience irregular heartbeats, if you are at the risk of developing blood clots, have a history of strokes or have breast cancer. Tell your doctor about these conditions if this medication has been prescribed to you.




Do not smoke when treating osteoporosis. Smoking reduces the absorption of calcium into your body and it may lead to a higher risk in bone fracture.


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