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Generic Name: letrozole (LET roe zol)


Brand Names: Femara


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Femara is a medication used to treat certain types of cancer that occur in women after menopause. This medication is also commonly referred to as Letrozole in the medical field.


How it works


Certain breast cancers grow faster due to the influence a natural hormone called estrogen. This medication can reduce the amount of estrogen in the body and thereby reverse or slow down the growth of breast cancers.




The medication is primarily used to treat various types of breast cancers that occur after menopause. The drug is also useful in preventing the cancer from returning. Furthermore, this medication is prescribed to treat infertility in women as well.




This medication must be taken once a day, by mouth, with or without food. Your physician might prescribe you a different dosage that suits your medical condition. In this case, strictly follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider.


The dosage must only be determined by your physician according to your medical condition. Do not make any changes to the dosage or dose schedule without consulting your physician. You must remember that increasing the dosage will not enhance the effectiveness of the medication. On the contrary, it will lead to an overdose and might increase the risk of side effects.


This medication can be easily absorbed through the skin and lungs. Therefore, it should not be handled by women who are pregnant as it can harm the baby. In order for this medication to work, you need to consume it on a regular basis. Therefore, make sure to adhere to your dose schedule at all times. If you accidently miss your dose, take it as soon as you remember.


If the condition persist or worsens after the prescription period, you need to inform your physician as soon as possible.


Side effects


The following are some unpleasant side effects of this drug that you might experience during the treatment period.


Joint ache
Hair loss
Hot flashes
Unusual sweating
Hot flashes
Trouble sleeping


Even though these side effects are only temporary, it is important for you to inform your physician if these effects continue to persist.




It is highly essential for you to adhere to the following safety instructions during the treatment period.


Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the medication.
If you have suffered from liver or kidney problems in the past, inform your physician.
Limit the consumption of alcohol.
Do not engage in any activity that requires you to stay alert as this medication can make you tired and dizzy.
If you are consuming estrogen blockers for another medical problem, inform your physician beforehand.




It is not safe for you to use this medication during the period of pregnancy. Therefore, if you are planning to get pregnant or accidently get pregnant during the treatment period, you need to stop using this medication.


In the same way, it is not entirely safe for you to breastfeed your newborn baby while using this medication. So, if you are planning to nurse your child during the treatment period, speak to your physician first.


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