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Brand Name: Finax


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Finax is a medication used by men with pattern baldness. This medication is useful in influencing hair growth in all parts of the scalp.


How it works


This medication includes finasteride, which is a type of enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. This conversion happens specifically in skin, scalp and prostate tissues. When DHT is found in hair follicles, it can affect the growth of hair. Therefore, this medication works by preventing this testosterone conversion.




The medication is mainly used to treat pattern baldness among men, which is also known as androgenic alopecia. This medication is highly useful in preventing hair loss in all areas of the scalp.




This medication is generally taken once a day with a glass of water. It is possible for you to consume this medication with or without food. Your physician might recommend you a different dosage depending on your condition. It is important for you to continue this treatment for as long as your doctor recommends you to do so.


Generally this medication is taken for three months or longer. However, it can take longer for your hair to grow depending on the way you respond to the treatment.


If you wish to experience the maximum benefits of this medication, you need to use it continuously. If you keep missing your doses, you will not be able to experience positive results. If you keep forgetting your doses, then take the medication at the same time every day. This should help you remember. It is important to note that this medication must not be terminated without physician’s advice. If you stop taking this medication abruptly, you will experience hair loss once again within 12 months. Therefore, if you wish to discontinue the treatment, speak to your healthcare provider first.


You must understand that increasing the number of tablets will not make your hair grow any faster. So, you must make any changes to the dosage or dose schedule assuming that it will enhance the effectiveness of the medication. This will only turn out to be dangerous since increasing your dosage can increase your susceptibility to the side effects. Sometimes, it can also result in a possible overdose. Therefore, if you wish to make any changes to the dosage or dose schedule, you need to inform your physician first.


Side effects


The most common side effect of this medication is impotence. You can also experience erectile dysfunction and a low libido. It is also possible for you to experience breast tenderness and enlargement. In certain cases, itchiness can also be experienced. Even though side effects disappear eventually, you must get medical help if they continue to persist or worsen with time.




This medication should not be consumed by women – especially pregnant women as it can harm their unborn children.
Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this medication.
Inform your physician if you are making any changes to the dosage or dose schedule.
Brief your physician about your medical history and about other medications that you are consuming.




When storing this medication, make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight.


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