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Finpecia is a medication used by men to treat pattern hair loss. This condition is commonly known as androgenic alopecia.


How it works


This medication contains finasteride which is useful in inhibiting the action of an enzyme, which is found in hair follicles. This enzyme converts testosterone in the body to dihydrotestosterone. This ingredient can make the follicles in the scalp to shrink and thereby results in smaller and thinner hairs. This eventually causes hair loss in men. By eliminating this enzyme, the medication enables hair to grow naturally.




The drug is mainly used to treat pattern hair loss among men. It increases hair growth and eliminates the risk of hair loss in all areas of the scalp. It is important to note that this medication is not useful in treating hair loss among women.




This medication is available in 1mg tablets. These medications must be taken once a day, with or without food. It is best to consume this medication with a glass of water. You need to take this medication for three months or longer. The dosage and the dose schedule must be determined by a doctor according to your medical condition and response to the treatment.


If you miss your dose of Finpecia, make sure to take it as soon as you remember. If it is time for the next dose, then skip the missed dose. You must double the dose to compensate for a missed one. It is important for you to take this medication on a regular basis in order to experience its best effects.


You must not make any changes to the dosage without consulting your physician. You need to make sure that your physician is informed well ahead. Remember that increasing the number of tablets will not enhance the speed of recovery. It can only increase the risk of side effects.


Side effects


Although this medication can treat hair loss effectively, it can also lead to some unpleasant side effects. During the course of the treatment, you can experience mild impotence, which will be a temporary condition. You are also likely to experience erectile dysfunction and low libido. Some of the less common side effects of this condition are breast tenderness and breast enlargement. It is possible for you to experience itchy skin rashes too. If you do experience these side effects, make sure to inform your physician immediately.




You need to follow the precautionary methods mentioned below during the entire course of the treatment.


This medication must not be used by women – especially by pregnant women as it can harm unborn babies.
Brief your physician about your medical history.
Do not consume this medication if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
Keep this medication away from direct sunlight.




Before you consume this medication, inform physician or pharmacist about all the drugs that you are taking. This includes prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication and herbal supplements. This way, you can make sure that Finpecia will not interact adversely with any of the other medications that you are taking.


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