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Brand Names: Flexisyn


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Flexisyn is an over-the-counter herbal supplement intended to relieve muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis.


How It Works


Flexisyn packaging lists natural herbs such as feverfew, cat’s claw, licorice, and turmeric as ingredients. They are touted as safe and effective anti-inflammatory herbs. These are purely sales claims and do not have any scientific backing. The manufacturer claims that Flexisyn can offer relief from joint pain and inflammation.


The supplement is called a natural version of Cox-2 inhibitors, an actual medication used to treat condition such as osteoarthritis. However, Flexisyn is an herbal supplement and is not an approved substitute for actual Cox-2 inhibitors.




Flexisyn is not a prescription medication approved by doctors for anything. You can obtain it over the counter as a supplement to treat rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Also, Flexisyn is said to treat the skin disorder Stevens-Johnson syndrome caused as a side effect of taking valdecoxib in some cases. It also prevents potential heart problems associated with celecoxib medication treatments. These claims have not been scientifically tested or evaluated by the FDA.




Users are allowed to establish a “personal dosage.” Read all the instructions in the package before use to know how much to take.


Flexisyn capsules are meant to be taken by the mouth. You can drink the capsules with a glass of water. It doesn’t matter if you take this drug with or without food.


Users are recommended to take this medication regularly according to a dosage schedule they set up. It’s advised not to skip a dose or miss a dose.


Make sure that you do not take more than the recommended amounts of this medication per day. Even an herbal supplement like Flexisyn can cause toxic side effects when consumed in very high doses.


Do not share bottles of Flexisyn with other people, even if they are using the same supplement.


Do not take Flexisyn as a substitute for any actual medication.


Side Effects


Flexisyn is not a clinically tested drug, and therefore has no known side effects. However, you may notice differences or physical symptoms once you start using the supplement. If this is the case, immediately stop taking this drug and consult a doctor.


Though there are no known side effects, you may experience unlisted side effects. Be on the lookout for any changes physically or mentally when taking this supplement and immediately report them to your doctor.


If you have any other medical conditions, these problems should not get worse when you take Flexisyn. If it happens, immediately stop taking the supplement and inform your doctor.




Do not treat Flexisyn as an actual medication.


Do not consume Flexisyn if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients in the drug.


It’s best to use Flexisyn under the advice of a doctor.


Tell your doctor that you are taking Flexisyn if you are taking other medications for arthritis or another diagnosed condition. Flexisyn may cause dangerous reactions with pharmaceutically approved drugs.




You must take your prescribed medication when taking herbal supplements such as Flexisyn.


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