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Generic Name: fluticasone nasal (floo TIK a sone)


Brand Names: Flonase, Veramyst


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Flonase largely consists of a component that is known as fluticasone propionate. This is corticosteroid. Flonase is available as a metered nasal spray.


How It Works


One of the responses of the immune system is inflammation. When the body is attacked by bacteria, germs, or other toxic substances, inflammation can prove to be quite useful. It helps to eliminate the threat at hand. This is provided, however, that the immune system is functioning as it should. If the components of the immune system incorrectly perceive a non-harmful body as a threat, it may cause inflammation to take place. This would result in numerous uncomfortable responses in the body. To overcome this, corticosteroids are introduced. They work to suppress certain aspects of the immune system, in particular inflammation in the body. This way, there are no adverse reactions taking place.




Flonase is largely prescribed to overcome the indicators of an allergic reaction. This can include certain issues such as watery eyes, congestion of the nasal passages, and sneezing. Flonase can be used to overcome frequent or seasonal allergies.




It is a good idea to avoid taking Flonase unless you have been directed to do so by a healthcare specialist. This individual will be the most qualified to determine just how much of the Flonase spray will prove to be useful for you. You should only use the spray as you have been instructed. In particular, you should avoid using it too much to overcome the symptoms that you may be experiencing. If you continue to feel discomfort, it is best to first ask your general practitioner.


For children above the age of four, it is recommended to give just a single spray in each nostril. This should be done once a day. It may sometimes be recommended that this be increased to two sprays in each nostril until the worst of the condition is over.


For adults, you can spray each nostril twice. This should be done once a day. If you would prefer a divided dose instead, you can try spraying each nostril once, twice a day. It is unnecessary to use it more than this as greater amounts have not proved to have greater effectiveness.


Side Effects


In addition to relief, you may also have some other less pleasant effects to contend with. These may be:


Blood in the nasal passages
Back pain
Irritation of the throat
Presence of sores on the inside of the nose
Discharge from nose


If these issues persist for a longer period of time, get the necessary medical attention.




Flonase should not be given to children who are younger than the age of four.


Flonase is not meant for those with an increased sensitivity to any of the ingredients.


Flonase can cause a suppression of the immune system so should try to limit your exposure to germs and illness. If you feel as though you may have come into contact with someone who has measles or chickenpox, tell a healthcare specialist immediately.


Tell a general practitioner about the following, if they are relevant to you:


Infectious illnesses
Liver problems
Injuries, irritation, or surgery to your nose
Herpes simplex virus




It is uncertain whether there may be harmful effects to unborn children or those who are currently being breastfeed. You should always ask a GP before using Flonase.


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