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Generic Name: ofloxacin (oral) (oh FLOX a sin)


Brand Names: Floxin


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Floxin is regarded as an antibiotic that belongs to the class of fluoroquinolone. The main component of Floxin is ofloxacin.


How It Works


There is an enzyme within bacteria that is known as DNA-gyrase. This enzyme is what is responsible for many of the functions of the bacteria. For instance, it works to repair the genetic material within the bacteria and also aids in the role of division. Ofloxacin prevents this enzyme from working properly. Therefore, when the bacteria is damaged, it cannot repair itself. Also, it is unable to continue multiplying.




Floxin is given to individuals who may be experiencing symptoms of a pelvic inflammatory disease and specific sexually transmitted diseases. Floxin is also involved in overcoming infections pertaining to the skin, prostate, urinary tract, and lungs.




Floxin has a broad range when it comes to treating bacterial infections. However, the bacterial strains do differ from one another and thus require different doses in order to be eradicated. This is something that will needed to be carefully handled by a clinician. There may certain issues such as less than optional renal functioning that may require you to take a different measure of Floxin.


For Floxin to really get rid of the infection once and for all, it will need to be taken at a stretch. Not heeding the doctor’s instructions could cause your infection to flare up again. This time, it could be antibiotic resistant requiring to take an even stronger course of drugs.


The most common measure of Floxin is either 200mg or 400mg. This is often taken every 12 hours. The amount of time that you are supposed to take Floxin could vary from a single day to six weeks.


Side Effects


A consequence of taking Floxin may be the emergence of some averse or discomforting ailments. You can expect:


Food items may taste different than before
Complete lack of taste
Presence of large amounts of gas or air in the digestive tract
Feeling of stomach being full
Ejection of gas
Discharge from nose
Stomach pain
Bleeding gums
Unclear vision
Blood in either urine or stools
Generalized pain all over the body


There may be other indicators as well. If you feel as though any of these conditions are becoming unbearable, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.




Floxin cannot be consumed by individuals who have an established allergy to ofloxacin or fluoroquinolones.


Floxin has not been proven to be safe for those below the age of eighteen.


These consequent concerns should be divulged to the necessary healthcare expert:


Tendon or joint problems
Muscle disorders or myasthenia gravis
A slower than typical heart rate
A diagnosis or genetic association with Long QT Syndrome
Problems that are related to your kidneys or your liver
Lower than normal levels of potassium
Are taking anticoagulants


Floxin may increase the possibility of a torn tendon or swelling of the same body part.




Women who are pregnant should inform a physician of their condition.


Floxin can enter a child’s system through breast milk. Therefore, it is not safe for nursing children.


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