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FML Forte

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FML Forte is an eye drop medication prescribed to treat swelling in the eye caused by a variety of conditions.


How It Works


FML Forte contains an active ingredient called fluorometholone, which belongs to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids. Fluorometholone can suppress the function of the immune system. Certain immune responses in the presence of foreign bodies like viruses or pollen can cause swelling or irritation in the eye. Fluorometholone can suppress the immune response to reduce the swelling, thus treating the condition.




FML Forte is prescribed to reduce swelling, itching, or redness in the eyes caused by infections, allergens, injuries, surgery or other conditions.


It’s important to note that FML Forte does not cure the ailment affecting the eye. It only reduces and relieved the symptoms mentioned above.


FML Forte is available as an ophthalmic suspension with a 0.25% concentration of the active ingredient fluorometholone.




Dosage of FML Forte will depend on the condition being treated, your age and response to treatment. Your doctor will prescribe how many FML Forte eye drops to take per day and when. Follow these dosage instructions and schedule exactly as prescribed to effectively treat the medical condition.


Before applying eye drops, thoroughly wash hands. Shake the solution bottle gently. Only touch the dropper from the handle. Do not touch the tip of the dropper to avoid contamination.
To apply the eye drops, tilt your head back. Look upward and pull down your lower eyelid making a pouch. Hold the dropper directly over the pouch and place 2 drop. Look downward slowly and gently close your eyes. Keep eyes closed for 1 to 2 minutes.


After applying and closing eyes, gently press the corner of your eye by the nose. This motion should prevent the eye drops from leaking out. Do not press hard, rub the eye or blink.
Repeat the application instructions for each drop. Do not apply more than one drop in the pouch in one go.


Use FML Forte the same time each day to help you remember the dosage.


Do not apply any other eye drop medications soon after applying FML Forte. It’s recommended to wait 5 to 10 minutes before doing so, or do as instructed by your doctor.


Side Effects


FML Forte may cause the following side effects:


Stinging or burning sensation in the eyes (usually lasting a minute or two following application)
Temporary blurred vision


Tell your doctor immediately if the above side effects persist or worsen over time.




Do not use FML Forte if you are allergic to fluorometholone.


Inform your doctor regarding history of eye problems and other medical conditions—such as eye infections, glaucoma, cataracts, severe myopia, or diabetes—before use.
The condition being treated should improve after 2 days of using eye drops. Tell your doctor if the condition worsens.




You should take FML Forte regularly as prescribed to benefit from the medication.
Do not wear contact lenses when using FML Forte drops. Ask your doctor when you can start using contact lenses against once the treatment ends.


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