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Fucidin is a type of antibiotic cream that contains fusidic acid. The cream also includes ingredients such as butylated hydroxyanisole, cety alcohol, glycerol, and liquid paraffin. It is supplied in tubes of 15g.


How it works


Since it is an antibiotic, Fucidin naturally works by eliminating the germs – especially bacteria – that cause various infections. The cream is specifically used to treat infections that occur on the skin due to the influence of various kinds of germs.




Fucidin is useful in treating various ski infections. One of these is Impetigo, in which the skin becomes crusty and swollen. Infected dermatitis, which is a type of skin inflammation, is another common skin infection that can be cured by using this cream. It is also possible to treat infected cuts and crazes through Fucidin.




Always use Fucidin according to the prescription provided by your physician. He or she will instruct about the amount of cream you should use for the condition. The cream is generally applied three or four times a day. However, it is possible for the physician to prescribe an alternative schedule that might suit your condition better. For instance, if you have been asked to dress the wound with bandage, then you will only need to apply the medication once or twice a day.


This medicine must only be applied on the surface of the skin. Do not swallow it or put it inside your body. Make sure to wash your hands before you apply the cream. Rub it gently on the surface of the skin. If the infection is on your face, then be careful and avoid the eyes when you rub the cream. If you accidently rub it in your eyes, immediately wash it away with cold water.
Always wash your hands after you have applied the medication – that is unless the infection is on your hands.


Side effects


Similar to most antibiotic medications, Fucidin can also result in certain adverse effects. Although not everyone experiences them, it is best to be aware of them in any case.


Some of the rarest side effects of Fucidin are:


Difficulty in breathing
Swelling of face or throat
Severe rash
Blistering of the skin


Apart from these, you may also experience:


Irritation on the infected area


If you experience any of the above, you need to contact a medical specialist immediately. You might even experience side effects that are not listed above. Regardless, make sure to contact a physician to reverse the effects.




In order to avoid the side effects, make sure to follow the advice given below.


Do not use this medication if you are allergic to fusidic acid or any other ingredients in Fucidin.
Do not use the medication in the long-term. This can increase your susceptibility to side effects and your skin’s sensitivity to the cream.
If you are using any other medications, inform your physician well ahead.
Although the cream will have little effect on your ability to drive or use machinery, the side effects can tamper with these tasks. Therefore, speak to your physician to learn whether it is safe to perform these tasks while using this medication.




If you are planning to become pregnant or already are, you need to consult a medical specialist. Do not take this medication without confirming that is healthy for the baby. The same applies for breastfeeding mothers as well.


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