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Ginette 35

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Brand Name: Ginette 35


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Ginette 35 is a contraceptive pill that has anti-androgenic properties. Each pill contains a combination of the active ingredients Ethinyl estradiol and Cyproterone Acetate.


How it works


Ethinyl estradiol is man-made estrogen and Cyproterone Acetate is an anti-androgen. Androgens are known as male hormones but they are also produced in a woman’s body. Androgens are responsible for several hormonal changes in the body such as growth of pubic hair, sexual drive and production of estrogen. An excess production of Androgens can cause acne, oily skin, unnecessary hair growth on the body and Polycystic ovaries. The active ingredient Cyproterone Acetate works by interfering with the production of excess Androgens. It binds with Androgen receptors in skin cells where sebum glands and hair follicles are present. Ginette 35 inhibits the activity of Androgens that is responsible for the over stimulation of sebum glands that causes unwanted hair growth on the body.


The combination of Ethinyl estradiol and Cyproterone Acetate works as an effective contraceptive. It stops ovulation, prevents sperm from getting through and blocks the embedding of a fertilized egg.




Ginette 35 is prescribed to treat the over production of androgen and prevent acne, oily skin, cysts in the ovaries and excessive hair growth on the body, This drug works as a contraceptive at the same time it is used to treat hyper androgenic states.




If you are taking Ginette 35, do not take a different contraceptive pill at the same time. If you are on another contraceptive pill, Ginette 35 should not be taken until you finish the course of pills from the previous brand.


When using Ginette 35 for the first time, it is recommended to be taken on the first day of menstruations and the pill should be continued for 21 days consistently. Take only one pill per day.


After 7 days of refraining from the pill, start another course and follow the same dosage instructions mentioned above. During the 7 tablet-free days, ideally, you should have your period.


If you a miss a dose, take the pill within 12 hours.


The treatment with Ginette 35 is usually continued for several months. Do not discontinue this medication unless you are instructed by your doctor.


Side effects


The side effects of Ginette 35 are usually manageable. Some of the common side effects that can manifest are:


Weight gain or loss
Tenderness in the breasts
Loose bowel movements
Acidic stomach
Mood changes


An allergy to Ginette 35 may cause rashes on the skin. If any of the side effects are unendurable, seek medical attention as soon as possible.




You are not eligible for the use of Ginette 35 if you,


Have a history of blood clots
Smoke often
Have high blood pressure, liver disease or heart disease
Are obese
Have been bed ridden for a long period
Are pregnant
Are diabetic and taking insulin
Are allergic to ingredients in this drug




Provide a list of other medicines you are taking at the same time to the pharmacist to ensure that Ginette 35 will not interact with them.


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