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Grifulvin V

Generic Name: griseofulvin (GRIS ee oh FUL vin)


Brand Name: Grifulvin V, Gris-PEG


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Grifulvin V is an antifungal medication that treats fungal infections in the body. The generic name of this drug is Griseofulvin.

How It Works


Grifulvin V works only on fungal infections affecting the skin, hair, nails and large surface areas of the body. This medication can make cells more resistant to fungal infections by binding to keratin precursors. The drug works when skin, hair or nails are replaced. During the replacement mechanism, Grifulvin V enters the cell of the infecting fungus and alters the way the fungal cell can multiple. It can also change the cell walls of the fungus, thus effectively killing the infection and preventing its spread to other parts of the body.



Grifulvin V is prescribed to treat fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, ringworm and “jock itch.” It’s only used when fungal infected hair, nails or skin does not respond to other antifungal creams or lotions.


Grifulvin V can relieve symptoms of fungal infections such as itching, discolored nails, skin redness, scaly skin and peeling skin.


It’s important to note that this medication can only treat infections cause by certain types of fungi. Grifulvin V is not effective against bacterial or yeast infections.


Grifulvin V is administered orally.




Dosage will depend on the severity of the condition and the type of fungus infecting the body.


Your doctor will prescribe you the dosage you must take to clear the infection. Follow your doctor’s instructions exactly. It’s important to take Grifulvin V in amounts at times as prescribed in order for the treatment to work.


Grifulvin V must be taken with a meal or soon following a meal to ensure maximum absorption by the body. Your doctor may issue special dietary instructions when taking this medication. Follow as instructed.


You may have to use Grifulvin V for several weeks or months for the infection to fully clear. It’s important to follow dosage schedule until a doctor advises you to stop.


It’s recommended to take Grifulvin V during evenly spaced intervals. Antifungal drugs like this work best when the amount present in the body is kept at a constant level.


Do not stop taking Grifulvin V earlier than recommended. It may cause the fungus to grow back and re-infect the body.


Side Effects


Grifulvin V may cause any of the following side effects:


Stomach upset
Trouble sleeping




Do not take Grifulvin V if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the pills.


Consult a doctor before taking Grifulvin V if you have a history of liver disease, liver failure, and history of lupus or blood disorders like porphyria.




Too much fat in meals can hinder the absorption of Grifulvin V by the body. You may be required to take meals with low amounts of fat when taking this medication. Ask your doctor for specific dietary instructions to follow when you are on this medication.


It’s recommended to avoid consuming alcohol when taking this medication.


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