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Generic Name: haloperidol (HAL oh PER i dol)


Brand Name: Haldol


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Haldol, more generically known as Haloperidol is used in treating mental/mood disorders like schizoaffective disorders and schizophrenia. It will allow patients who are suffering from these disorders to take part in their day-to-day activities in a more confident and clear-minded way.


How it works


This antipsychotic, psychiatric medicine is said to work by restoring the balance of the brain’s natural substances known as ‘Neurotransmitters’. Because of this effect, Haloperidol can be used on patients who are likely to harm themselves, by preventing any suicidal thoughts they might have.


It also helps to reduce hallucinations and negative thoughts as well. This medication has also known to be of great use when treating hyperactive children who have serious behavioral problems.




Haldol can also be used to treat the symptoms of ‘Tourette’s disorder’, such as outbursts of sound/words and uncontrollable movements. It is also known to be useful for hospitalized patients who are diagnosed with confusion/ behavior issues and even for preventing vomiting and nausea caused by cancer treatment.




When consuming the medication make sure to follow the directions of your physician. This can be taken by mouth with or without food and the package’s measuring dropper will be required if you are using the liquid form of the drug. If the dropper is not available, a measured oral syringe should be used as directed by your pharmacist.


The dosage tends to be decided on a patient’s response to therapy and medical conditions and it should be taken at the same time each day for the prescribed time, in order to not forget a dose. If you have to stop the medication for some other reason, the dose will need to be gradually reduced as suddenly stopping the medicine intake might worsen your conditions.


Consult your doctor if this kind of a situation arises. If the symptoms do not seem to improve or if they become worse, proper medical attention should be taken accordingly.


Side effects


Serious side effects are rare when using Haloperidol, but if the following do occur, get immediate medical advice.


Signs of an infection
Eyes/skin yellowing
Stomach/abdominal pain
Severe dizziness
Chest pains
Serious allergic reactions like rash, itching, etc.


More common side effects might include:


Headache/ anxiety
Disturbances in sleeping
Difficulties in urinating


Note that this is not a full side effects list. In the case of these or any other side effects occurring, persisting or worsening, seek the help of your doctor promptly.




If you have Parkinson’s disease or any other severe problems in your nervous system your doctor/pharmacist should be notified about those issues before taking Haldol. Any allergies that you might have for its active/inactive ingredients should be informed as well.


This should be done if your medical history includes conditions like bipolar disorder, urination difficulties or low white blood cell count too. If your heartbeat becomes fast/irregular or fainting/ dizziness occurs, it might be due to Haloperidol affecting your heart rhythm (called ‘QT prolongation’). Immediate medical attention will be needed if these kinds of symptoms occur.


Make sure to limit alcoholic beverages while on medication as this medicine is known to cause drowsiness/dizziness.




Babies born to mothers, who were using this medicine during their pregnancies’ last 3 months, rarely might get some unwanted symptoms like feeding/breathing difficulties, drowsiness or constant crying. If that is the case inform your healthcare provider right away.


He/she will need to know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding too, so that they can advise you on the risks that might be involved when using this drug.


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