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Generic Name: hydroxyurea (hye DROX ee yoo REE a)


Brand Name: Droxia, Hydrea


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Hydrea is a brand name for a drug used in the treatment of sickle cell anemia and leukemia.


How it works


Hydrea is medically known as an antimetabolite. It can prevent the growth malignant cells in the body. It can prevent the growth of cancer cells. In patients with sickle cell anemia, Hydrea can prevent the body from making sickle-shaped red blood cells.




Hydrea may be used by itself or with other drugs to to treat certain types of cancer, including cancer in the white blood cells (leukemia), mouth, tongue, throat, sunrises, cheek or tonsils. Hydrea can reduce painful episode those suffering from these types of cancers may face. This medication can also reduce the need for constant blood transfusions among people suffering from sickle cell anemia.




Hydrea is a prescription medication. The prescribing physician will determine the appropriate dosage based on your condition and medical history.
Take Hydrea exactly as your doctor tells you to take it.


Hydrea capsules should be taken by the mouth. Swallow the capsules whole without chewing or crushing. Take your daily dose with a glass of water if necessary. The typical dose for Hydrea is one capsule per day.


Do not take this medication in higher or lower doses than prescribed. Doing so may make your condition worse.


Take Hydrea the same time each day to maintain a consistent dose of the drug in your body.


Do not abruptly stop taking Hydrea. Talk to your doctor if you feel like you want to stop the medication.


Wear latex or rubber gloves when handling Hydrea capsules. Do not allow your skin to come into contact with the content in the capsules. It’s strongly recommended to wash your hands after handling Hydrea capsules and bottles.


Side effects


Hydrea may cause the following mild to moderate side effects:


Loss of appetite
Weight gain
Mouth and throat sores
Pale skin
Hair loss
Darkening of skin and nails


Tell your doctor immediately if side effects become severe and so not go away.




You should not take Hydrea if you are allergic to the medication.


Hydrea may severely decrease the number of bone marrow blood cells, making you vulnerable to bleeding and serious infections. Indications of this condition include fever, sore throat, chills, unusual bleeding, bruising and cough that don’t go away, among others. Immediately inform your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.


Tell your doctor if you have HIV or another similar immunity deficiency problem before taking Hydrea.


Do not take Hydrea if you are pregnant, nursing a baby or planning to get pregnant.


Disclose all other medications and herbal supplements you are taking to your prescribing physician before taking this medication.




You can take folic acid supplements when taking Hydrea to reduce the occurrence and intensity of side effects. You should talk to your doctor fist about taking folic acid.


You will need to take routine lab tests when taking Hydrea. Keep up with the appointments and do not miss them.


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